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By: Anthony Fong Fitness  06-Dec-2011
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Exercise and massage Services

Exercise Therapy

  • Injury Prevention
    • Flexibility
      Range of movement assessment of the major joints of the body. Flexibility programmes ideal for stress management, sports, posture and back care.
      • Stress Management
        Stretching and relaxation techniques to restore energy to the body.
      • Sports
        Designing a stretching routine to enhance performance for the serious athlete or casual exerciser.
    • Stretch and Flex Group Sessions
      Stretch and Flex classes are designed to improve movement and bring back vitality to your body! Ideal for sports teams or the corporate workplace. "After a stretching session with expert Anthony Fong, I came out feeling fabulously flexible and marvellously mobile."
      Kay Lindley - 1999 NZ Fitness Leader of the Year, Ex Active Living Co-Ordinator - Sport Waitakere
  • Injury Rehabilitation
    Muscle Conditioning. Functional exercise programmes aimed at improving the body to its previous level of function after an injury. Components of the programme may include:
    • Flexibility
    • Strength
    • Motor Relearning
  • Sports Conditioning
    • Exercise Programmes
      Sports specific programmes for corporate events, the weekend warrior or the serious athlete.
      • Sports Programmes
        Pre-season, competition and post-season phase training timetables and on-going fitness advice.
      • Corporate programmes
        Stress management and exercise activities designed for the office environment in order to improve staff productivity and morale within the workplace.

Massage Therapy

  • Massage
    Relaxation and sports massage to relieve muscle tension and stress within the body.
  • Reflexology
    A soothing pathway to cleanse the body through the soles of the feet.
    The perfect tonic to complement a body massage.

"Having Anthony demonstrate and supervise throughout each training period is most rewarding in terms of satisfaction and results - I know I am doing the exercises correctly and increasing fitness levels mentally as well as physically. Anthony is well qualified and very experienced as a fitness advisor. Anthony is a real professional." - Leo McDonald, Auckland

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