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By: Ansac  06-Dec-2011
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Quality detergent manufacturers look to ANSAC medium dense soda ash as an attractive alternative to ANSAC dense soda ash or synthetic light soda ash.

ANSAC medium dense soda ash is a highly versatile product. It offers a competitive alternative to synthetic light soda ash by absorbing high levels of liquid while precluding the dusting and segregation problems often associated with lighter synthetic soda ash. It provides equivalent or superior absorption and dissolution performance that detergent manufacturers require for their products. Further, the density of the product allows it to be handled in bulk instead of with messy labor-intensive bags, thus offering the cost and supply advantages of bulk shipping.

ANSAC medium dense soda ash can also be utilized in select applications where dense soda ash might normally be used. Medium dense ash dissolves in water much faster than dense soda ash, a critical factor when preparing aqueous solutions. This can have a direct impact on plant operating rates.

The key advantages that ANSAC medium dense soda ash affords detergent manufacturers include:

Post Addition Advantages
  • provides similar rate of surfactant absorption and similar dissolution rates to synthetic light ash
  • increases process through put and reduces manufacturing costs
  • non-segregating (bulk density and particle size distribution are similar to finished detergent)
  • less dusty than synthetic light ash
  • absorbs temperature sensitive ingredients that are processed inefficiently in spray towers (e.g. non-ionics, perfumes, other liquids)
Agglomeration/Dry Blending Advantages
  • serves as an agglomeration process aid (aids in process control, bulk density, particle size)
  • high liquid carrying capacity (e.g. silicate, surfactant, water)
  • non-segregating (bulk density and particle size distribution are similar to finished detergents)
  • less dusty than light soda ash
Advantages for Spray Tower Products
  • dissolves faster than dense soda ash
  • lower chloride levels
  • less dusty during handling than synthetic light ash

Product specifications:

Property Chemical Formula Value U.S.A. Units Guarantee Value Metric Units
Sodium Carbonate Na2CO3 99.2 % MIN  
Sodium Sulfate Na2SO4 2,000 PPM MAX 0.20 %
Sodium Chloride NaCl 1,000 PPM MAX 0.1 %
Iron Fe 20 PPM MAX 0.002 %
Water Insolubles - 0.05 % MAX  

Physical Properties:

Density 0.68 - 0.84 g/cc (44 - 54 lbs/ft3)

Screen Sizes:

U.S. Standard Screens Microns % Guarantee
On 30 mesh > 600 5.0 MAX cumulative
On 40 mesh > 425 15.0 MAX cumulative
On 100 mesh > 150 75.0 MIN cumulative
Through 200 mesh < 75 7.0 MAX through

This information contained herein is, to our knowledge, true and accurate. Because conditions of use are beyond our control, we make no warranty or representation, express or implied, except that the products discussed herein conform to the chemical and physical properties described. No agent, representative, or employee of this company is authorized to vary any of the terms of this notice.

Keywords: Dense Soda Ash, Soda Ash, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Sulfate,

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About Soda Ash - ANSAC

These have the same chemical properties and only differ in physical characteristics, such as bulk density and particle size and shape (which affect flow characteristics and angle of repose). The Federal Reserve Board incorporates monthly soda ash production data into monthly economic indicators used to monitor the condition of the U.S. economy.


Dense Soda Ash - ANSAC

Manufacturers of quality flat glass, glass containers and detergents rely on the purity of ANSAC dense soda ash in making the world-class products their customers demand. ANSAC dense soda ash is a premium quality product that combines a consistently high sodium carbonate content with very low impurity levels of chlorides and iron.


Health and Safety - ANSAC

ANSAC is committed to ensuring the safety of people and the environment and consistently aims to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality in all that we do worldwide. Personnel entering bins or silos containing soda ash must wear safety belts properly roped to rescue facilities and be physically observed by someone not on the soda ash pile.


Quality & ISO 9001 - ANSAC

The primary responsibility for guaranteeing compliance with product specifications lies with the producers, but periodic sampling is conducted by ANSAC as follows. When laboratory analysis is required ANSAC contracts the work out to independent labs or utilizes member company laboratories. All soda ash sold by ANSAC, and produced by our three U.S. suppliers, is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified plants.