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By: Alphatech  05-Apr-2012

Alphatech Systems offers comprehensive and wide ranging services to support our clients and their operations.

Our services include:

  • Full after-sales support for all our products for the life of the instrument, including
  • Contract Warehousing and Logistics 
  • International shipping and Customs clearance coordination
  • Call Centre operations
  • Customer Support Services, including
    • Product advice
    • Application support
    • Custom product sourcing
  • Laboratory relocation packing and shipping
  • Electrical Safety Inspection and Testing.

Our Technical Service Team

Alphatech Systems Service Engineers possess a strong knowledge base that ranges from mechanical skills (including engineering practices of design and fabrication), to electronics (including component level design and repair), through to software implementation and application. They are customer focused, and seek to support the customer as well as the product.

Alphatech's Service Engineers fundamental and application skills are continually being expanded through manufacturers' factory training which covers a wide range of technical equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • Autoclave sterilization

  • Cell disruption and homogenisation

  • Centrifugation

  • Dissolution systems 

  • Fluorescence / IP scanners / Plate Readers

  • Gas Chromatography

  • High Resolution GC/MS

  • HPLC

  • Mass Spectrometry

  • N2, H2 gas generators

  • pH/Conductivity/Temperature/Turbidity/DO

  • Rheology

  • Robotics (sample preparation etc.)

  • Thermal Analysis

  • TLC

  • Ultra-low Refrigeration

  • UV / Vis / Fluorescence Spectrophotometry

  • X-Ray imaging: in-vivo research, Medical Diagnostic, and Theraputic

  We also have extensive experience and skills in:

This skill base enables our engineers to approach any piece of equipment with a high level of diagnostic expertise, regardless of whether or not they have previously seen the instrument.

Service Requests:

If your product needs servicing, you can reach our engineers by 

Individual tertiary qualifications held by our Service Engineers:

  •     NZCE Electronics and Computer Technology
  •     Electrical Service Technician A
  •     Diploma of Mechanical Engineering
  •     Diploma of Information Technology
  •     Bachelor of Electronics

Geographical Scope:

Alphatech Systems' engineering service covers all of New Zealand, and upon arrangement, we can also undertake contract work in Australia or Asia please enquire. Occasionally, we may acquire assistance from one of our selected contract engineers should your urgency, our availability, or your location warrant this.

Languages Spoken within our Service Team:

English and Korean

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Our product range has complete solutions including Instruments and Consumables for analytical science and industry, from pH meters to HPLC systems, from robotic sample preparation to general laboratory equipment and lab consumables.


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