By: Alpha Imaging  05-Apr-2012

Original Articles by Verna Maruata


I get many requests from people asking how they can connect on a deeper level with their Ascended Master and Teacher. 

My standard response is open your heart to the Master, because when your heart is open to them they can come closer. But there is another way - The Torus connection technique.

Sanat Kumara gave me this technique many years ago, around 1999 or 2000 and I teach it at nearly all my workshops. The Torus technique is easy but takes some instruction and explanation.

You are a multidimensional spiritual Being having a physical experience. We forget this - we think we are a limited person in a physical body - when truly we are much much more. The torus can be a vehicle for you to explore more of your multi-dimensional Divine self. 

A torus is a contained and constructed unit of energy.  

It looks like a ring donut. It holds energy from all the dimensions and all the planes – it exists through all time and space. The energy within the Torus cannot escape outwards – it is its own “ring pass not”.  

It is within this contained unit that a group can work together – through all time, space, dimensions, planes and realities – in balanced vibrational harmony. Nothing can enter the torus that is not invited, so it is a safe place to talk to your Ascended Master.

Here I will teach you how to create your own personal torus and a group torus with your guides and Ascended Master. Much is written about the Torus, so I leave the Maths and esoteric knowledge to those who are more eloquent than me; suffice to say it’s a very intriguing form.

How to connect to your Ascended Master using a Torus

You are going to connect 3 aspects of yourself so they form a Torus – your Divine Mind, you Sacred Heart, and your Soul.

Start with a meditative breathe – with the intention of connecting with your Ascended Master.

Take your attention to your body – be aware of it – now move your awareness to the pineal gland in the centre of your head. Once there take you awareness a centimetre to ½ an inch above the pineal. This is the Divine Mind.  You have just slipped from physical awareness to spiritual awareness. Sit in that space for as long as you like. It’s a good place to meditate.

But for our purposes we move on, you will see a silver cord appear in the Divine mind – this will drop to the Sacred Heart. It can’t go anywhere else. So with your awareness, follow the cord to the Sacred Heart.  And for those of you who went into "I don't see mode", do you get a sense of feeling heavy, go with the heavy dropping feeling - it will take you to the Sacred Heart. You might like to meditate in the Sacred Heart another time.

Now become aware of another silver cord, this one from the Sacred Heart is connected to your Soul. Follow the silver cord to your Soul. You might like to meditate there at another time. And from there another silver cord connects back to the Divine Mind.

So in effect you have created a Torus (a ring) of energy connecting the Divine Mind – Sacred Heart – Soul. Sit in the energy. Follow the energy flow through the 3 centres a few times.  You have connected your awareness to some of your highest levels of consciousness.  Everything you receive will come in at its highest potential – from the Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul.

Just as you have created your own Torus, the Masters all live on their own Torus – always in touch with their highest consciousness.

Now to communicate with the Masters you are going to create another Torus with the Masters – a Group Torus.

While still on your own Torus of Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul ask your Ascended Master to step forward so you may connect with them on a deeper level and even communicate with them.  Then seeing, feeling, knowing or just hoping they are before you - connect to your Divine Mind and see a silver cord connect to the Masters Divine Mind – move to your Sacred Heart and see a silver cord connect from your Sacred Heart to their Sacred Heart – move to your Soul and see a silver thread go from your Soul to their Soul. The Master in turn will be doing the same back to you.

A group Torus of two has been created. Feel the flow of energy coming along the Masters silver cord to you, try to match the vibration. In most cases the Master will alter their vibration to make the connection more comfortable for you. But it is good to try.

Now sit in meditation with the Master and allow the Ascended Masters energies flow into you. When you are ready, you may receive teachings or direction. But in most cases the Master will take this opportunity to give healing and work with you on higher levels. You are completely contained within the Torus and protected. Nothing else can enter the exchange that isn’t invited.

You can invite as many as you like onto a group torus - excellent for a meditation group or healing group to use. This diagram gives a pictorial idea of how it would work - you can see the formation of the bigger torus. A unity consciousness or group consciousness forms, perfect for a group working on the same project ie earth healing, for they then work as a single unit.

You can expand your personal torus to include your own higher self, and Christ Light (spark of god) for deeper connection within. But the Masters request you don't connect with others or them at this level and respect the personal space of others.

Enjoy your Torus – and I suggest everyone begin each meditation with this practice – it brings a greater sense of peace and balance to the experience.


Since writing this article the Ascended Masters at their portal in New Zealand have started meditations on a Tuesday. Each week a different Master resides. People from all around the world are linking to the Master using the torus technique for a personal and unique experience. The Master while linking to everyone individually is also on a large group torus which each of these people. You too can experience, this larger group on a Tuesday if you choose. The Masters have requested I tell you how.

You have have placed yourself on your own torus, you have linked with the Master and created a torus of 2. Know he is part of a greater torus as he links with all those who choose to meditate with him. To experience this, know this greater torus exists, the Master knowing you want to experience this will allow you entry to his greater torus.

As you sit in meditation in your home, know there is a person to the left of you and a person to the right of you on the torus. One of them may be in New York, the other in England.

With the person to your right, connect with them via your Divine Mind, Sacred heart and Soul and feel their link return to you. Now, you will feel their energy flow, it may be stronger or weaker than yours - it is important to adjust your energy flow to match theirs, and they assisted by the Master will alter their flow to match your energy flow so there is balance. This is something the Master automatically does with you on your torus of 2. 

Now repeat the process with the person to the left. 

Just sit in this new connection and feel the energy flow. The flow to energy to the left and the right needs to be the same.

Once this is so, know there is someone to the left of the person to your left, send your divine mind connection, through the person to your left, to the person to their left and continue around the bigger torus, from left to right, returning to yourself via the person to your right. All the other people on this group torus will have done the same.

Now repeat this connection again with the Sacred Heart and Soul. Sit in this greater group and experience the Master in this greater way. 

This is a wonderful technique to use in mediation groups as it links everyone to become - one Divine mind, one Sacred Heart, one Soul. Meditation groups will achieve a greater level of power when linked in this way. This technique is perfect for creating change - rather than a group all working as many single units on a cause, when they are united as one in this way you will see how the connection focuses the power. The key though is to be in balance energetically and in harmony as a group.  

The Masters have let it be known "you will know us by our colors."
We have many layers of aura colours, showing our etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual states. These colours can change according to our mood or mental state. Our soul ray, or ray of incarnation, does not change though during our lifetime.

Just like us, the Ascended Masters colours change, and also like us, they have soul and monadic colours which identifies them above all changes. Below is a list of the colours the Masters present themselves as most often, so you will know them when you see them. These colors might sound ordinary and look ordinary in the graphic, but in reality they are bright, luminescent and sometimes pearlescent.

They are grouped according to their colours and the Rays they work on - most of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters have colours that fit within the colour range of the ray they work on - and some don't. Remember, part of Mastery is becoming Master over all the rays, and so some Masters seem out of place with a specific ray. Also remember, when on earth they will have incarnated on a specific ray but that is not their monadic ray, and so now present with different colours. A good example of this is Krishna.

First Ray - the Blue Ray of God's Will

Chanada – blue and silver 

El Morya - mostly hyacinth blue in the centre with some darker Prussian blue

Mahakala, his aura is shards of blues and greens. 

Melchizedek – a deep blue centre, leading to lighter blue, then white with a fine red edge.

Metatron, his aura has a dark blue centre, feathering out over silver, with silver at the edges.

Moses – pale/ mid blue leading out to darker blues

Osiris, his aura has a dark blue centre, lightening in blue till it becomes white at the outer edge 

Poseidon – greek god of the sea and earthquakes, holds a trident – a white centred aura leading through blues to a mid/dark blue edge 

St John, the Baptist – his energy has a white centre with a soft blue rim

Thomas Merton - mid-blue aura with an overlay of violet towards the edge.

Vishnu – a luminesecent silver with blue at the edges

Second Ray - the Yellow Ray of Wisdom

Amaterasu, Japanese goddess of the Sun has a melting yellow aura with pink sparkles. 

Christine, Archangel of the 2nd Ray, she has a yellow aura with a white rim. 

Deva of the Central Sun, her aura has a yellow centre with an orange edge.

Deva of Light, her aura is an orb of soft light yellow.  

Freya - her aura is white at the centre, leading out to yellow, the yellow sparkles, making the edges appear jagged

Helios, his aura has a clear centre, leading to yellow and further out deep tangerine orange.  

Jesus – mid yellow centre and mid blue edge

Krishna,has an aura with a white centre, leading to light yellow, red and finally orange at
the edge 

Kuthumi – his colours are 3 tiered, soft lemon at the top, clear in the centre and dark blue at the bottom    

Lao Tze – yellow shards

Lord Lanto – his energy is egg shaped – the centre is white and he radiates out from soft yellow to mid yellow

Lumina, Elohim of the 2nd ray, has an aura of white leading to gold.

Manjushri, his aura has an orange/ yellow centre lightening towards the edges. 

Ninguerre – tibetan creator goddess – her aura has a yellow top half and a white bottom half

Third Ray - the Pink Ray of Unconditional Love

Chamuel, Archangel of the 3rd Ray has an aura of pale to rose pink.

Charity, Archangel of the 3rd Ray, her aura has a white centre, leading to silver and then a blue edge. 

Dom Ignacio – a centre of deep ruby pink, then a soft white band followed by a deep band of soft pink.

Kuan Yin – Magenta with a little mid pink 

Lady Kristine - palest of pink centres leading out to pale to mid pink

Lakshmi – rose pink leading out to gold 

Ma'at, Egyptian goddess of Truth and Balance, has an aura with a white centre which leads to soft pink 

Mary Magdalene – mid strong pink with some magenta

Mother Mary – she has a soft pink energy with a border of mid blue

Paul the Venetian – deep magenta centre with a bronze edge with white

Vesta -  mid pink aura gold funnel into crown with some white, 3rd ray

Fourth Ray - the White Ray of Harmony

Amen Bey - his aura is clear at the centre, leading to white in the middle, with an edge merging from soft apricot to burnt orange.

Aphrodite – her energy is shades of white in an energy pattern of a fluted shell.

Innanna - her aura is pure white with silver edges.

Serapis Bey – his energy spirals – with entwining gold and white.

Fifth Ray - the Green Ray of Healing and Knowledge

Amaryllis, goddess of spring has colours with a soft green centre, white centre and an apricot /gold edge.

Ganesh – pale milky blue/green centre leading into white and then a mid blue edge.

Hilarion – light green in the centre leading out to forest green. 

Ptah - he has a soft luminescent very pale green aura

Susan’oo – his colours are a translucent green leading out to a white opaque sparkling border.

St Anthony of Padua - his colours are blue/violet and green swirls.

St Patrick - his aura is forest green at the centre, leading out to lighter greens at the edge.

Sixth Ray - the Ruby, Gold & Purple Ray of Devotion & the goddess

Aloha, Elohim of the 6th Ray - has a gold aura with a sheen of purple. 

Hathor, an Egyptian goddess has an aura of gold spirals.

Lady Nada – white (may have lavender tint to it) and gold.

Isis – she has a border of purple with a jagged edge that leads into a ruby centre.

Pallas Athena – her aura rises from a very dark purple to purple and then onto gold. Some may see an unworldly green line in the centre.

Portia – her aura is 6th ray – purple inner with ruby edges

Seventh Ray - the Violet Ray of Transmutation

Arcturus, Elohim of the 7th Ray, he has a distinct egg shaped aura of purple with a violet edge.

Deva of the 7th Ray, she has an aura with a white centre leading out to violet

Omri-Tas - dark purple centre to a violet edge

Ra mun – Violet through to purple

St Germain - Violet down to maroon

Shiva - white centre leading to violet with  a green scalloped edge

Eighth Ray - the Rainbow Ray (the 1st Hidden ray)

Elohim of the 8th Ray, her aura is a luminescent clear white with flashes of rainbow colours.

Horus – may be seen as hundreds of sparkles – his aura is a aura shaped transparent rainbow, radiating out in bands of colour 

Maha Chohan – metallic bronze, gold and silver with rainbow sheen

Sanat Kumara – clear like ice with rainbows flashing through

White Tara – a fan of rainbow colours left to right

Other Cosmic Masters

Alpha, Cosmic Master, his aura is a column of silver and white  

Cassiopea - Elohim of the central sun, clear baby blue to cream to a gold edge 

Eros, God of Love, his energy spirals in several opalescent, opaque gold's and cream. 

Omega, Cosmic Master, her aura is a column of light and dark gold.

Sanam Kumara, his aura has a dark gold centre turning to a light gold at the edges. 

Vajrakilaya, his aura pulses a dark red at the centre lightening to an orange edge.

Vishnu – his colours are a brilliant white with an edge of yellow gold

I originally wrote this article for - I have posted it here with some changes and additions.

Twin Flames are two halves of a single unit. We all have a Twin Flame.

God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. At this initial point of creation each single consciousness (Monad) contains the seeds of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang, opposite poles of the one reality. At the initial descent into third dimensional reality these two aspects of the one were divided and the Twin Flames were created. One the Alpha flame the other the Omega flame. Both Flames incarnate to lead separated lives, always aware, on some level, of a loss of an aspect of themselves.

Twin Flames don't normally incarnate together except for a higher purpose. At this time, many evolved Twin Flames are incarnating to assist in the raising of consciousness, of humanity. Usually when one Flame incarnates the other is out of form, preferring to energetically support their incarnating twin.

When Twin Flames do incarnate together the coming together is often chaotic and stressful, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Their relationship is very intense. The romantic loving version we all think of is really for Twin Souls. Twin flames come together as two mirrors. They are there to reflect back each other's imperfections, for the ultimate goal of the Twin flames is total union once more. To achieve this, total balance is needed by both of them on all levels. It is found that those areas, in which they both have harmony, are the areas they no longer need to work on.

Twin flames also have many differences, these may be age, geographic locations, morals, beliefs, race, income brackets and sex, though same sex is possible in certain incarnations, remembering they incarnate specifically to be the facilitator of the others growth and ascension. And yet the bond is such that being together is like coming home. The attraction is strong on every level, and spiritually they know they are one. This knowingness helps them over many of the hurdles, mostly created by pre-conditioning and beliefs.

As the Twins become more into balance and their service here on the planet becomes more into their awareness they spiritually grow at a faster rate than when they were apart. They find their spiritual gifts are fine tuned. Each often possessing a gift the other doesn't. They are sensitive to each other's energy flows and stresses. Being apart is like functioning at a reduced level. Together, they become balanced and more of whom they are just by being in each other's energy, you will often hear Twin Flames are never apart.

As they become more of a single working unit their Monad (also known as the spark of God, Christ Light) begins to entwine and rejoin, two flames becoming one. The re-union of the flames creates the deepest of connections for these two people. And it is this connection which makes them wonderful vessels for service to humanity and to God’s Will.


Ascended Master Mary Magdalene is a new Ascended Master. We know her best from her time with Jesus 2000 years ago, but she has had many lives since then, finally making her ascension in the last 20 years.

She is a third ray Master, serving on the pink ray of unconditional love along with Mother Mary, Paul the Venetian, Dom Ignacio, Kuan Yin, and Ma'at. Mary Magdalene's aura colours are mid to strong pink with some magenta. She presents herself with dark hair, very dark eyes, and olive skin.

To know Mary Magdalene, is to know your best friend, she is one of the girls, ready for a chat and laughter. She would be one of those friends you know you can share your fears and concerns, one who will always respond with compassion, understanding and support.

She is a Master who is strong, yet gentle. There is humour and laughter, yet show her injustice and she stands ready to give her support. If there is an external battle, bullying, abuse, any type of external attack and she will help when asked.

Mary Magdalene is working with Arcturus, Elohim of the 7th ray at this time, to help bring his vast energies closer to humanity, by assisting in the anchoring of his vibration.