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By: Alpha Hypnosis  11-Jun-2012
Keywords: Weight Loss, Personal Development, Sport

<<>> Empower Yourself <<>> Hypnotherapy can assist you to make postive changes in your life. To be calmer and more relaxed, cope with whatever life throws at you. Rid yourself of phobias, negative attitude, smoking, overweight, etc; increase your motivation, focus, confidence; improve study, learning, sport and sales performance, etc; Pain management, and cope with terminal illness, IBS, etc. and much more Hypnosis can also help with weight loss, increasing fertility & help with IVF issues; calm pregnancy and childbirth; and recovery. <<<>> Empower Others <<>> Learning Hypnotherapy can start you on a new career to help others make postive chnages in their lives. Hypnotherapy can also increase your 'tool kit' of skills in your existing career, or you can learn hypnotherapy for your own personal development. You can work part time or full time, assisting others make positive changes and increasing your income. Alpha Hypnosis has a range of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Advanced Hypnotherapy training modules leading to Alpha’s International Certified Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. <>> Empower your children while they sleep! <<>> You can assist your children feel more secure and loved, improve enjoyment of school and learning, improve behaviour, cope with bullying, sleep well, get rid of bed wetting, nail biting, negative messages, etc. with this gentle process. Susan Wood is the main New Zealand trainer, and a consultant, for The Goulding Process - SleepTalk for Children. This process is a Self Esteem / Empowerment programme for children, with or without issues. No matter how much we love our children they can still get negative messages from elsewhere which can bring about problems. Personal appointments, or by Skype or phone.

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<<>> Empower Yourself <<>> Make positive changes in your life with Hypnotherapy. This powerful therapy can assist you to... - be calmer and more relaxed, cope with life and everyday issues - free your from phobias, negative attitude, smoking, overweight etc. - increase your motivation, focus, confidence, etc. - improve study, learning, sport and sales performance, etc. - manage pregnancy, childbirth, recovery - decrease pain and stress - cope wi

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