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By: Allied Medical  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Wheelchair

Children's wheelchairs are quite different from adults wheelchairs as let's face it, kids are a whole lot smaller and in most cases still growing. They may need to sleep in the wheelchair so it must be extra comfy as well as have the option to recline or tilt to allow for this.

When looking for the right wheelchair for a child, it is worth asking the following questions:
  • Will the child using the wheelchair be propelling it themselves, or will they be pushed by a parent or caregiver, or both?

  • Is the child able to get in and out of the chair themselves, or will they need to be lifted in and out of it?

  • How long each day is the child spending in the wheelchair?

  • Will the child sleep in the chair sometimes during the day?

  • Does the chair need to have any ‘growth' built into it?

  • Will the chair be transported, and if so, how?

  • Is any special seating required?

Keywords: Wheelchair