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By: All Good Bananas  06-Dec-2011
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Uncategorized « All Good Bananas

Harriet Lamb, Director of the Fairtrade Foundation wrote the book about Faitrade; Fighting The Banana Wars, that tells the story of her battle to make sure the food on our plates, and shirts on our backs, don’t rob people in other countries of the means to feed or clothe themselves.

Harriet became convinced of the importance of Fairtrade while visiting Costa Rica with WDM in 1997 to investigate local banana plantations’ use of pesticides already banned in the US for making farm-workers sterile, she met a woman called Maria whose husband had been exposed to DBCP while working on the plantations. The couple had had a baby boy born with severe developmental abnormalities who died after a short and distressful life.

In her book Harriet describes how “As we sat there and she showed me pictures of her baby rage bubbled up inside me because the companies knew of the dangers of this chemical but they ignored them. I have never, ever forgotten Maria.”

Harriet is visiting New Zealand and Australia to meet with supermarket owners, policy makers and Fairtrade advocates in person.

Come along on to Auckland Girls Grammar Thursday 23rd of June at 6.00pm, listen to her story and find out how we’re applying what she’s learnt in New Zealand and The South Pacific.

Check it out. Just in time for Fairtrade Fortnight, The story of All Good Bananas in pictures, music and words, some that even move. Share it with your mates so they can see what makes All Good Bananas – All Good.

No this doesn’t involve a mob of people throwing carrots. More a mob of happy people rewarding a business for being toooootally awesome and having great environmental & ethical practices.

The past couple of weeks Conscious Consumers have been working with Wellingtonians to select THE best café location. All Conscious Consumers’ cafés were in the running to get mobbed – but there could only be one winner. Following the frantic bidding war started on 21 March 2011, the café that pledged to use the highest percentage of its take from the mob day to improve its energy efficiency won.

It’s going to be NZ’s first carrotmob, so head down there tomorrow Sat April 9th to see the entertainment and be part of the fun.

You could even wave/lob a few carrots if you fancy, but be safe kids. Be safe.

Mmmh you sound like our sort of person, we should talk.

We’re on the hunt again for amazing, good guys & girls to help us out with promo work. Give us a shout and you too could be running around dressed as a gorilla…

…or in a sharp ‘All Good’ tee if being a Gorilla is not your thang (we’re nice like that).

promo guys & gals wanted

We’re on a mission to make Auckland a Fairtrade city and we need your help to do it.

Muchos gracias…

Keywords: Bananas

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Dad, Abel Ugarte, Mom, Elizabeth Urdiales sons Abel Alberto and Axel Andres and baby Eimy Elizabeth all live on the family farm in El Guabo where Abel and Elizabeth grow the bananas you can buy from Commonsense Organics in Wellington. As well as being good for the growers, and in turn Samoa, there are plenty of documented health benefits for eating All Good’s organic dried banana chunks too.


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By partnering closely with Oxfam and WIBDI, we’ve been able to provide these Samoan farmers with a market for a product that currently has almost no economic value locally. Being made from the more sweeter-tasting Misiluki banana means that nothing else needs to be added; we’re talking no sugar, no sweetener, no preservative and no oil.


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At one school he got to visit again a boy told the story of how he stood next to the banana’s in a shop and told people how the Fairtrade bananas helped people to get medical care, while another student gave up some pocket money so there parents would buy Fairtrade coffee.


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After the success of the banana cocktails at the Good Mag event last night and a few of your requests, we thought we’d share the recipe here with you; our closest friends. Grease an 8 cup capacity loaf or cake tin and fully line with baking paper. Simon’s mum made the most delicious Roast Banana Cheesecake last week. We think the Ripe Roast Banana cheesecake might just be the ticket. Beat the butter and sugar until light and creamy.


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As well as being good for the growers, and in turn Samoa, there are plenty of documented health benefits for eating All Good’s organic dried banana chunks too. When you buy All Good Bananas, you are not only ensuring that a fair price is paid to the grower, but you are also contributing to the Fairtrade Premium.