Alert Taxis / Maxi Taxis - Taxi and Cab, Auckland, New Zealand

By: Alert Taxis  06-Dec-2011

Our expert driver recruitment program and in-house Training School ensure that only the best are selected. Average just won't do. Our drivers are excellent. They are proud of the brand and enjoy a good level of job satisfaction, which is evident to customers.

Our drivers are fully qualified and are trained in five area knowledge's, namely Manukau, North Shore, Papakura, Waitakere and Auckland City.
Our drivers look smart in their simple, professional uniforms of white shirt, company tie, black suit jacket, company jersey, black trousers and dress shoes.
Our drivers speak excellent English. We also have drivers who speak Korean, Somalian, Pacific Islanders, Maoris, Dutch, Irish and Chinese.

Large, Comfortable Cars To Ensure A Safe, Pleasant Journey

We go the extra mile with our cars. We provide a nice tidy product, a universal product, and the same product all the time. So when you ring 309-2000, you don't get a Honda civic today and a Ford Fairmont tomorrow. When you get into an Alert taxi, it's a standardized product range. All vehicles are white and are easily identified by the distinctive red and gold company signage.

You get a white Ford Falcon or Commodore every time
They are big, comfortable vehicles
All vehicles are air-conditioned
All vehicles are computer monitored
All vehicles are no older than 5 -6 years from date of manufacture
All accept all forms of payment
We do 3 monthly checks to make sure the vehicle's body and interior remain up to standard