2011-12 Foal Photos

By: Alabar  05-Apr-2012

Shadow Play - Anomolly Colt

Gotta Go Cullect - China Goddess colt

Gotta Go Cullect - China Goddess colt 1

Gotta Go Cullect - China Goddess colt 2

Sutter Hanover - Go The Goose Colt

Shadow Play - Tirols Amerry Filly

Jeremes Jet - Height Of Wisdom Filly

Elsu - Honey Ryder Colt

Grinfromeartoear - Armbro Affair filly

Ponder - One Night colt

Safari - Natural Winner Filly

Shadow Play - Broadway Play Colt

Art Major - Tibby Lombo Colt

Gotta Go Cullect x Its Fair Enough colt (foreground), Shadow Play x Enraptured colt (background)

Real Desire - My Spirit Of Tara Colt

Shadow Play - With Diamonds Filly

Shadow Play - Broadway Play Colt

Shadow Play - Priscilla Rocks Filly

Armbro Operative - Evening Frolic Filly

Art Major - Duel Castle Filly

Art Major - Talk To Me Colt

Shadow Play - Charlotte Church Colt

Shadow Play - Broadway Gal Colt

Art Major - Shezacullen Filly

Grinfromeartoear - Arusafe Colt

Grinfromeartoear - Dallas Opal Colt

Shadow Play - Drums Of Time Colt

Shadow Play - Vizzarri Colt

Art Major - Kiwis Can Fly Colt

Ponder - Believe Jodis Dream Colt

Art Official - Divine Colt

Courage Under Fire - Lotsa Bucks Colt

Gotta Go Cullect - Marnie Makes Money Colt

Great Success - Decisive Dash Filly

Grinfromeartoear - Telern Hilda Colt

Real Desire - False Appeal Filly

Shadow Play - Imposingly Colt

Armbro Deuce - Lady Harfield Colt

Santanna Blue Chip - Splish Splash Colt

Safari - Niks A Beach Colt

Art Major - Zenolas Gift Colt

Ponder - Christianity Filly

Real Desire - Artificial Filly

Santanna Blue Chip - Lauretta Bromac Colt

Santanna Blue Chip - Toscas Babe Filly

Grinfromeartoear - Rosalee Hanover Filly

Ponder - Long Tan Gold Filly

Tiz A Masterpiece - Ribbons Colt

Grinfromeartoear - Clancy Girl Colt

Shadow Play - Bella Caballo Filly

Village Jasper - Dreamworks Filly

Jeremes Jet - Frostyana Colt and Jeremes Jet - Frosty Mattina Filly

Jeremes Jet - Frosty Mattina Filly

Jeremes Jet - Frostyana Colt

Jeremes Jet - Lewisienna Jo Filly

Jeremes Jet - Whodyou Wantmetobe Filly

Sutter Hanover - Stylenclass Filly

Shadow Play - Lombo Anastasia Filly

Shadow Play - Yorkshire Rebel Colt

Grinfromeartoear - Stoneridge Lass Colt

Shadow Play - Dallas Maid Colt

Santanna Blue Chip - Soky's Fling colt and Grinfromeartoear - Stoneridge Lass colt

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2010-11 Foal Photos

Santanna Blue Chip - Famous Lover Filly. Gotta Go Cullect - Little Alice Filly. Great Success - Early Surprise Colt. Gotta Go Cullect - Armbro Ice Colt. Jeremes Jet - Angel Bells Filly. Art Major - Sagrantino Colt.