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By: Air Technology  06-Dec-2011
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(OUTPUTS FROM: 2.8 cfm/fad TO 18 cfm/fad)

We have an extensive range of compressors for SCUBA diving and Fire Fighting (SCBA), you will find on this page some of our most popular models.

We use only three compressor pump designs to give us a wide range of compressor outputs. 
The model MCH-6 is a four stage compressor with a maximum output of 3.5 cfm/fad (100 L/min).  It is used extensively by recreational divers. It is very robust, lightweight and easily maintained.

The models MCH-13 and MCH-16 have outputs of 7.6cm/fad (215 L/min) and 9.0 cfm/fad (260 L/min) respectively. The MCH-13 and MCH-16 compressors are built using many common parts, this enables distributors to inventory a comprehensive range of spare parts, which ensures low downtimes The MCH-16 achieves the higher output by fitting larger 1st and 2nd stage pistons and cylinders and a slight increase in running speed. The models MCH-26 and MCH-32 use a multiple (2) of compressor pumps. The MCH-26 uses two of the MCH-13 pumping units, this gives it an output of 15.2 cfm/fad (430 L/min) The model MCH-32 uses two of the MCH-16 pumping units and it has an output of 18 cfm/fad (520 L/min)


MCH-26/ET COMPACT (15.2 cfm/fad - 430 L/min) MCH-32/ET COMPACT (18 cfm/fad - 520 L/min)
Filling Connection

Cabinet Side Panel
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The MCH-26/ET and MCH-32/ET COMPACT compressors are the ultimate in versatility and performance. These Filling Stations comprise two identical High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor systems. Each compressor system is fully automated and completely separate. Total output for the MCH-26 is 15.2 cfm/fad (430 L/min) and for the MCH-32 is 18 cfm/fad (520 L/min). Each compressor has its' own electric motor, motor starter, unloader system, moisture separators, purifier and hours run meter. Both compressors pump Breathing Air into a dispensing manifold and then into the cylinders being filled. The pressure in the manifold and cylinders is monitored by two gauges, one of which is an Electrical Contactor Gauge. This gauge is able to be set at any desired pressure up to 300 Bar (4360 psi). When the pressure is reached the gauge turns off both compressors. While the compressors are running the automatic unloader systems drain moisture from the separators and purifiers until the preset pressure is reached, where the electrical contactor gauge will stop the compressors. The dispensing manifold has four filling hoses with Fill/Bleed combination valves. These compressors are presented in a very stylish metal cabinet. The cabinet has sound proofing material and the noise level is 78 dba. There are very definite advantages with this type of compressor system. If there is a breakdown, the operator is able to continue filling with 50% output. If there are only a few cylinders to fill, use only one compressor, if demand is high then two compressors are used. This system is very economical on power, using only eight kilowatts (2 X 4kW) for the MCH-26 and eleven kilowatts (2 X 5.5KW) for the MCH-32. This configuration allows the operator to run each compressor independently or together depending on demand. The physical size of the compressors makes them easy to work on. Each compressor weighs only forty seven kilograms and they can easily be handled by one technician. The unit is compact, yet simple in design. This means that it can be serviced by any competent fitter. If your service point is remote from your location then one compressor can be removed and sent for service and the operator can continue to fill cylinders using the remaining compressor. The valving used is of a modern design and is common to other European compressor manufacturers. All rotating parts run on ball and roller bearings and they are designed for continuous operation at pressures to 300 bar (4360 psi).

The MCH-6 compressors are designed with the recreational diver in mind. These compressors are robustly built, yet very small and light weight. This means that they can be transported easily to the dive site. They require very little maintenance, but when it is time to service the costs are extremely low, in some some cases only 25% of competing brands. The filtering system utilises a very cost effective disposable cartridge that is easy to change.

 Output. 3.0 cfm/fad- - 84 L/min 3.5 cfm/fad- - 100 L/min 3.5 cfm/fad- - 100 L/min)
 Power. Electric: 2.2 KW, single phase. Petrol: Honda 5.5hp. Electric: 3KW, three phase.
 Weight. 39 KG 37 KG 40 KG
 Dimensions. H 36 cm, W 65 cm, D 38 cm. H 36 cm, W 75 cm, D 32 cm. H 36 cm, W 65 cm, D 35cm.
 (Height, Width, Depth)      



The MCH-6/EM compressor is the ideal choice for the diver who would like to fill his cylinders at home, at the Bach or on the boat. Its' lightweight design means it can be handled by one person with ease. Noise levels are very low so you can fill your cylinders at any time without disturbing your neighbours. The compressor has a standard three pin plug fitted and the current draw is approximately 14 amps. This means that it can be run through any circuit with 15 amps or higher protection e.g Stove circuit.



The MCH-6/SH is powered by the Honda 5.5hp overhead valve engine. This compressor is the choice of small dive expeditions that are diving in remote locations where electric power is not available. It is physically, a very small compressor and so it can be easily transported to the dive site. This compressor has the best output to weight ratio on the market today.



The MCH-6/ET is the three phase version of the MCH-6/EM. This compressor has all the features of the MCH-6/EM but by using three phase power we can have the compressor driven by 3KW and so get more output. The output is the same as the petrol powered MCH-6/SH (3.5 cfm/fad - 100 L/min)



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