Mosquito Control Systems

By: Aeromarsters Nz  06-Dec-2011

IMS also manufactures the top of the range Ground Effect Spreading systems commonly used for seeding , fertiliser spreading and bait distribution.

This product is unequalled in performance and capability and is used worldwide. Its engineered to perfection giving the operator years of trouble free operation.

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Cloudburst Fire Buckets

The quality and price of these fire buckets cannot be equalled -tested and proven in some of New Zealands harshest working environments.



Standard load capacities range from 4400llbs to8800llbs with the option of several clevis designs not found with any other manufacturer.All Heli-Swivels a pre load tested before leaving the factory and supplied with test certification and an operators manual. WE TOOK THE 6 MOST COMMONLY SOLD SWIVELS ON AVERAGE, HELI-SWIVELS ARE APPROXIMATELY 23% LOWER IN PRICE THAN IT’S NEAREST COMPETITOR.