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By: Advanced Pipeline Services  06-Dec-2011

Not all of our repair services concentrate on long lengths of damaged pipe.

Damage is often caused by such things as earthquake, unexpected application of heavy weights in local areas and even intrusion of contractor’s machinery.

Our standard repair process can just as easily be applied to short lengths of major damage, so long as we can get clear access to damage points through nearby manholes.

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Services | Advanced Pipeline Services

PrimusLine and LightStream are the latest technology in pipeline rehabilitation and APS has the exclusive licenses for New Zealand. Be sure to look in the Products section for the two new pipe relining products which we have launched in New Zealand this year.


Investigation and Source Detection | Advanced Pipeline Services

Once the obvious sources have been identified, our engineers will normally carry out a closed-circuit-television inspection of the pipe interior which will reveal any leak points underground. The first issues to be resolved when evaluating pipeline repair are determining what sort of leaks there are – either into our out of the pipe – and where they are in the system.


Pipeline Rehabilitation | Advanced Pipeline Services

As well as minimising bore reduction, an inherent advantage of cured-in-place liners is their ability to conform to almost any shape of pipe, making them suitable for relining non-circular cross-sections. CIPP systems create a close-fit `pipe-within-a-pipe’ which has quantifiable structural strength and can be designed to suit various loading conditions.


Maintenance and Repair | Advanced Pipeline Services

Most owners and operators of major pipeline systems understand that regular repairs and maintenance are necessary if their assets are to operate for long periods at the highest level of reliability. Advanced Pipeline Systems has the necessary skills and resources to ensure that our experienced professional teams can monitor your system on a regular basis.


Lateral Junction Repair | Advanced Pipeline Services

Although the various pipe rehabilitation systems used by APS will provide a total repair to the main pipe, it is often necessary to also repair the link between the main line and the lateral pipe connecting to individual properties. The extent of lateral repair and cleaning can usually be determined during the CCTV inspection of the main pipe before rehabilitation work starts.


Manhole Rehabilitation | Advanced Pipeline Services

The nature of sewage pipelines is that they often create a chemically-active atmosphere which will contribute to the deterioration of not only the pipe, but also to the manholes which give access to the pipes. The process will normally involve cleaning the inside of the manhole, repairing any damage and leaks and re-sealing the interior with a protective mortar covering.