Adstream | Workpath

By: Adstream  06-Dec-2011

Imagine a project where everything is located in one on-line location, from briefing stages and campaign development to material delivery and final approval. At any stage of the process, approved participants can go online and see how the project is tracking, check artwork versions and campaign information.

Workpath keeps it all at your fingertips, digitally stored and waiting to be accessed 24/7. Totally secure, workpath minimises the need for conference calls, travel time to meetings and courier deliveries – the project development is accessible online, saving time, money and miscommunication.

Workpath puts you in control. Once a project manager is allocated, workpath allows complete centralised leadership, from the initial briefing stages to material approval and delivery. Only the project owner can appoint their team members as desired.

Workpath is the ultimate online campaign management system, enabling you to be proactive in maximising your business efficiencies in the current economic climate.

Other products and services from Adstream


Adstream | Adbits

Adbits™ streamlines and vastly simplifies the process of picking up a thorough ad brief, collecting digital ad fragments, and keeping track of multiple production cycles from proofing through to final sign off and pagination. Instead of stopping design to laboriously adjust jpegs in Photoshop and check resolution, operators can complete the layout with the knowledge that the solution will catch and deal with issues prior to publication.


Adstream | Radio broadcast

When the ads are available for download at the radio stations, a delivery report is immediately sent to you to confirm details and delivery time of your radio spots. Faster delivery, better quality checking and online archiving are matched by adstream’s superior customer care and intuitive online ordering process.


Adstream | Online video

No more confusing processes or conversion worries and multiple conversations with various parties, simply send us your existing TVC via tape or FTP and we will quality assure the ad, transcode it into its new specifications and deliver it to the online publisher of your choice.


Adstream | Adbank

Once the audio files, documents, images, scripts or video has been ingested, access of the material via the easy to navigate database, is simple. Gone are the countless hours of tracking down ‘misplaced’ agency work for meetings or presentations. Adbank ensures the digital storage and retrieval of multimedia is simple and safe.


Adstream | Tv broadcast

After going through adstream’s rigorous quality control check, commercials are delivered to television stations as broadcast quality digital files. Imagine no paperwork, no couriers, less resources needed for checking, and the peace of mind your material will arrive at the station on time. All TV ads are automatically stored in our adbank allowing for easy retrieval, including access to radio and print ads from the same campaign.