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Dane Baker is one of New Zealand's leading Sports Dietitians, he designs cutting edge nutritional programs for New Zealand's elite sporting teams and individual athletes. As well as consulting with elite athletes he successfully advises private clients through UniSports Sports Medicine. 

Dane focuses on creating a nutrition plan that is specific to your tastes, lifestyle, culture and goals. Whether it be performance, weight loss, heart or diabetes health; Dane can help you achieve your goals through real food and the latest evidence based nutritional strategies. 

Program includes: 

  • Full nutrition analysis & review of current lifestyle
  • Program is tailored and specific to your individual needs whether it be a health, nutrition, body composition or a performance focus
  • A flexible program allowing you to drive choices from a wide variety of foods that are specific to your lifestyle and culture. 
  • An education focus with a goal to you being able to control your dietary habits long term
  • Cutting edge nutrition resources provided to complement your program and work-on areas
  • Full body composition assessments available to analyse muscle mass, body fat tissue and circumference measurements
  • Follow up assessments (optional) allow for in-depth dietary and program review with on going nutrition education

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Sports Medicine

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In addition to the consultant surgeons, the team also has two orthopaedic fellows, who are recently qualified orthopaedic consultants furthering their interest in the area of Sports Medicine. Each is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and have undertaken extensive postgraduate training at international centres of excellence. The Orthopaedic team consists of three New Zealand trained surgeons.


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Although the majority of clients at UniSports Sports Medicine receive massage for sports injury related problems, our massage therapist specialises in the following areas. If you require treatment for sport related problems, muscular aches and pains, or stress, then phone for an appointment with our massage therapist.



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