Hydro Treadmill

Hydro Treadmill from Abernethy Racing Stables

By: Abernethy Racing Stables  07-Jul-2011
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The hydro treadmill in itself is a splendid tool in preparing elite horses for the great stress of racing or competition. We have positive results of the way we are working the horses on the treadmill, especially with those that has tendon issues, and every horse that has been working on the treadmill has improved their top line (back muscles).


We are very keen on working with trainers as a part of their working up-phase or as a part of maintaining their/your racehorses at race condition.


There are horses with huge potential that is not being able to show what they can do, due to soreness issues. It can be difficult training these horses with conventional training.

Sport hoses - riding:

The hydro treadmill has a proven record overseas with riding horses of many kinds. It has been proven to improve muscle tension etc. This benefits for example: dressage horses to feel freer.

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