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By: A Supported Life  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Employment, Community Inclusion

A Supported Life has a dynamic and holistic approach to service delivery, offering a very wide range of support options and opportunity within the 3 service entities.

These service types are outlined below and are known as; Residential Support and Guidance, Supported Living and Community Inclusion.

This core residential service provides support for persons requiring comprehensive lifestyle support whilst maintaining high levels of choice and independence in their lives. The residential opportunities are fully staffed with co-workers fulfilling non active sleepover each night of the week. These houses have a maximum of 4 flatmates. They are located in walking distance of each other so residents can interact with others in their neighbourhood easily. They form an informally connected community whereby interaction with friends in other houses is effectively facilitated.

As the people being supported by RS&G grow in social and functional development and build networks of interdependence they have the possibility of living in more independent circumstances. Over time the input from staff will diminish and change according to needs and aspirations of those supported and they may move to flats or rather than leave their residence, staff will withdraw and transform some of their roles and involvement in peoples lives.

This residential support service is a flexible person centred initiative, creating opportunities for more independent living and focuses on assisting people with an intellectual challenge to successfully live in a home or flat of their choice, with flat-mates of their choosing as independently / interdependently as possible. This service encompasses people living in their own flat, married and / or couples in a partnership, up to 4 persons sharing a household together. Participants receive flexible and dedicated support on an individual and household basis to facilitate their lives together and in the community. Participants do not have staff doing sleepovers in their household, however companion flatting and other innovative support arrangements can be facilitated dependent on need and wishes.

Support to the participants in A Supported Life focuses on but is not limited to:

  • Home management and functional skills development
  • Social skill development
  • Conflict resolution and team building
  • Counselling
  • Community inclusion
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Budgeting and personal finance management
  • Futures planning and goal realisation

Way Out West is an innovative options based community inclusion venture for A Supported Life participants who do not currently have placement in open employment, work experience or tertiary or other educational opportunities. It also encompasses persons who are involved in these activities part time and have chosen to involve themselves in Way Out West on an activity by activity basis.

Way Out West is a blend of participant driven activity whereby those involved in support also have joint management responsibilities for this service. A focus on individual and group responsibility is a primary focus in areas of behaviours, activity planning, choice and decision making in regard to support modules and activity and the direction of the service. Way Out West believes that persons being financially supported by the community, through the payment of welfare benefits have a responsibility to contribute to that community by volunteering their skills and energy in community projects.

Way Out West supports adults with an intellectual disability:

  • Employment opportunities and networking with employment brokerage agencies
  • Life skill and development
  • Vocational skills acquisition
  • Community inclusion
  • Community volunteering
  • Individual project development
  • Arts skill development and training
  • Contract employment

A Supported Life maintains an on call service available to all houses, residents and staff where skilled and experienced managers can be contacted immediately in case of need 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Based on the proximity of those managers homes support in an emergency can be on site within minutes. This service is primarily for crisis intervention however is also available to residents and staff alike for advice, problem solving and debriefing.

In-house and external counselling is offered to all residents who seek this as a way to problem solve and resolve external and inner conflicts. Specialist supervision and support is offered to staff to allow de-briefing and problem resolution ensuring they are able to provide quality support to those in the residences.

Keywords: Community Inclusion, Employment,