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By: A Girl Called Hope  05-Apr-2012

Help bring hope
Ways you can help us fundraise during the month of February In February we would love all of you to be a part of helping us raise money that we can use for outdoor furniture and maintenance around the home. Here are some easy fundraising ideas:
  • Organise a “Day of Hope” at your school or workplace and have everyone come dressed in a theme or mufti and donate a gold coin
  • Have a Bake Sale
  • Hold a Sausage Sizzle
  • Have a donation box at your local café
  • Sell things you no longer want on Trade Me
  • Complete an event (triathlon etc) and ask people to sponsor you
Once you have decided what you would like to do download our as well as a
. We look forward to hearing from you about your ideas and will update you on how this ‘Help bring Hope’ fundraiser goes in the March Letter of Hope. Remember to register during the month of February! Speak Truth Cards
A new resource to equip you with the truth! Sharing her heart
Read some words from a resident who is soon to Graduate Before I came to A Girl Called Hope, I was consumed with anger, depression and fear. I hated myself but felt that there was no way I could express my emotions. I was a slave to an eating disorder that had turned my life into a constant binge and purge cycle. Along with my eating disorder, I drank alcohol in excess and took drugs. After seeing countless numbers of therapists, my diagnosis became my identity. Because I had no sense of self–worth, I abused my body which only added to my confusion. Thank goodness this is no longer my life. Through A Girl Called Hope, and God’s grace, I have goals, hope for my future and pride in who I am. I now live by the truth, that: I am truly clothed in strength and dignity and that is something that no one can take from me.

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