By: 4am Software  05-Apr-2012

4am Software Pty Ltd., has been appointed as the Exclusive Distributor for SYSTAT®, SigmaPlot, SigmaScan, SigmaStat, TableCurve 2D®, TableCurve 3D®, and PeakFit® for the region of Australia and NZ by Cranes Software International Ltd., India.

About 4 am Software Pty Ltd.

4am Software Pty Ltd, offers a wide range of award winning Statistical, Data visualization and Computer Aided Engineering software products for the scientific and engineering community. Or technical support and sales teams are back by Cranes Software's development teams, located in California and Bangalore, who are involved in the development of SYSTAT®, SigmaPlot, SigmaScan, SigmaStat, TableCurve 2D®, TableCurve 3D® and PeakFit®.

Our growing portfolio of products are continually being added and enhanced, we also offer consulting and services in addition to our product offerings.

About Cranes Software International Ltd.

Cranes Software International Ltd. (Cranes), is a company that provides Enterprise Statistical Analytics and Engineering Simulation Software Products and Solutions across the globe. The Company's business interests span Products, Productized Solutions, Services and R & D in future technologies.

President & Chief Science Officer of Rescentris Visits 4am Software

Dr. Jeff Spitzner, President & Chief Science Officer of Rescentris, Inc. visits Melbourne, and meets with 4am Software in a bid to form a partnership to sell its LIMS product CERF. There were several meetings during his weeklong visit including visits to a few prospects in the region. During the course of this month an agreement outlining the extent of this partnership will be drawn…

Dr. Spitzner recognized the need for a local partnership to steer what the product has to offer, at the same time provide customers in this geography a world class LIMS solution with a long term relationship …

Partnership With Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

4am Software Pty Ltd., today announced a partnership with Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd., This partnership is a representation of Captronic Systems world class engineering solutions, services and products to the ANZ region. The partnership offers highly competitive and cost effective solutions using the state-of-the art engineering tools vide stringent norms of customer satisfaction and industry standard methods.

Captronic Systems is a company registered in India and the United States and has an active presence in Asia, UAE and has undertaken and successfully completed projects in Canada with the help of partnerships.

This brings to the ANZ region an advantage to users of LabView also customers in the Aerospace , Automotive, Embeded, Vision and motion and similar engineering areas. Consulting, IT services are available under turnkey, onshore, offshore models depending on the customers requirements.

We envisage that this partnership will bring to this region new opportunities and benefits not just to us but for our customers and partners as well.