Matthew Whyatt shows strong November results for TriLogics by Intervest Global Live

Matthew Whyatt shows strong November results for TriLogics by Intervest Global Live from

By:  02-Dec-2009
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"There have definitely been some solid November results," says Matthew Whyatt, Chairman of Intervest Global Live, referring to earnings of TriLogics owners. "We are really seeing the benefits of that new Percentage Return strategy developed by Intervest Global Live," Matthew Whyatt adds. Figures through 26 November are available on the TriLogics website and they show the daily results. Those figures show that earnings for owner of TriLogics developed by Intervest Global Live were more than $6000 for that time period. That number reflects earnings from both new and traditional Percentage Return (PR) strategies as well as from using the Trifecta module. Later on we will also have a brief look at the individual results of a TriLogics owner who has forwarded their data sheets to us.  

For TriLogics owners who used the new PR guide lines as well as the traditional PR guidelines, earnings up to an including the 26th of November were over $5100. For clients who also traded with the Trifecta module, as recommended, there were additional earnings of over $1100. As well as those strong overall numbers, there were also excellent individual trading days. On the seventeenth of November, for example, the Trifecta module produced more than one thousand dollars. Using the PR module, there were 5 separate days that each produced more than five hundred dollars.  

An owner of TriLogics also passed on their November results to Matthew Whyatt and they showed earnings of well over $6000 while trading just four days per week. This client's results point up the many possibilities of TriLogics. "We have basic strategies that we recommend people follow—particularly new clients," says Matthew Whyatt. "But we also have long time clients, and some who have only had the program for a year or 18 months, and they recognize there are additional possibilities," Matthew adds.   

As we begin the last month of 2009, it is proving to be a very solid year for owners of TriLogics. As we near the end of the year TriLogics experts have been going over the numbers for the past several years and the results are in: we have a 6 year average of yearly earnings in excess of $53,000. That's an average of over $1,000 per week, year in and year out, over a 72 month period. We are very proud of that level of consistency. "As important," says Matthew Whyatt, "with the new developments going on this year and the track record we've already developed, things are looking very strong for 2010, too!

Keywords: Intervest Global Live, Matthew Whyatt, Trilogics



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