Matthew Whyatt: "Great New PR Strategy for TriLogics" and Cup Recap by Intervest Global Live

Matthew Whyatt: "Great New PR Strategy for TriLogics" and Cup Recap by Intervest Global Live from

By:  04-Nov-2009
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Although Matthew Whyatt of Intervest Global Live announced last week that we added new Percent Return trading strategies for TriLogics, it's such important news that it bears repeating. Matthew Whyatt urges current owners to get the new guidelines. "If you have not yet logged into the members section through the Intervest Global Live website or the TriLogics website I strongly encourage you to do so. There's great earnings to be had with the new strategies." Once you are on the members section of the website you will see a new TriLogics update developed by Intervest Global Live that outlines additional trading guidelines for trading with the favorite on Percentage Return.  

As mentioned last week, the new guidelines for Percentage Return increases the number of trading races with TriLogics and also will help TriLogics owners achieve better earnings. To briefly recap, Intervest Global Live data indicates that these new guidelines can result in increased earnings of more than $2000 per month. Also, these guidelines do not require learning difficult material. Many TriLogics owners can start using these guidelines with the documents already posted in the members section. To find them login, then click on the "Downloads" link at the upper right. The document is titled "New TriLogics % Return Trading Guidelines". Be sure to take advantage of this new update and start improving your earnings today.  

This year's Melbourne Cup has come and gone and none of Bart Cummings' entries was able to secure the legendary trainer's 13th Cup. In fact all his horses finished out of the money with Viewed (the favorite) being the strongest finisher in 7th position. Alcopop, one of the other top favorites finished just ahead in 6th place. The top three in order of finish were Shocking, Crime Scene, and Mourilyan. The Trifecta paid $9321. That race, number 7 at Flemington, was not a trading race for TriLogics owners, for Trifecta or Percentage Return due to the size of the field (23 horses).  

Although the Melbourne Cup race was not a trading race for TriLogics owners some interesting facts were available for those who were considering the race on TriLogics yesterday. For those who did consider it, the Trifecta pool was an amazing $17 and ¾ million dollars! And that's strictly from the NSW TAB. The overall win pool was well over $19 million. Another thing to note was the huge amount of money flowing to the number 2 horse (C'est La Guerre) in the final minutes: $28,287 at the 2 minute mark; $26,769 at the one minute mark, and $54,146 at the 30 second mark. It's not a lot of money compared to the $157,675 that number 11 (Alcopop) attracted at the 30 second mark, but it's still significant, especially since it wasn't considered a top favorite. Another interesting point along those same lines is that number 1 (Viewed), either the favorite or second favorite according to most bookmakers, only attracted $5899 at the 30 second mark. Clearly many people were losing confidence in Mr. Cummings' top horse.

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