Administration Portals Solution for small and large business

By: SMSGlobal  06-Dec-2011

If you're a large organisation with multiple departments, Enterprise may be for you!

Enterprise features:

  • An administration portal and message sending platform in one*
  • Completely customisable*
    • Branded interface
    • Permission control
    • Content Management System (CMS) functionality
  • An interface which is hosted and managed by SMSGlobal
  • Real time traffic report generation and exportation
  • Account management facilities
  • Sub-account creation and editing abilities
  • The ability to generate department or cost centre reports
  • Advanced reporting abilities and functionality, including dedicated opt-out management page*
  • Global & personal address book and message templates*
  • Inbound SMS mobile originated keyword manager, enabling responses based on business rules and logic*
  • The ability to schedule and stagger message sends*

*Denotes exclusive to the Enterprise platform

A flexible commercial agreement including a set-up fee and ongoing minimum monthly commitment applies to an Enterprise account. Ongoing support, training and platform updates are incorporated in the fee structure.

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