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By: Jag Creative  06-Jun-2012
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Not only is branding about your target market choosing you over your competition, it is about giving potential clientele a solution to their issue, by providing a trusted brand. With a clear branding strategy your customers will be able to remember your business through your logo / image and/or your brand name. If your customers come across a shelf full of products, which all appear to do the same thing, but they recognise your branding and therefore purchase your product, you have gained the trust of that customer. If they are happy with the product you also gain brand loyalty, not to mention that they will most likely recommend your product on to their friends and colleagues. Branding also tells your customers that you are serious enough about your business, as you have spent time and money on producing a brand that represents your business and it’s products / services. People tend to stick to brands that they know and trust and because of this they want to be reassured that you are in this business for the long haul and not just for the next five minutes. Branding produces an image of your business. Let’s say you sell toothpaste and you have established a brand, but let’s imagine your ‘branded’ toothpaste sitting on a shop shelf next to a ‘non branded’ version of your toothpaste. Here we have a scenario that is offering exactly the same product but just different packaging. The customers are going to think that the ‘branded’ version is of a better and higher quality than that of your ‘non branded’ version - when really they are the same product. Another great thing about branding is that it allows you to associate your different products. If customers know your brand, they are more likely to purchase other products in your range, because they associate it with another product they know works for them.

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