By: Coghlan  06-Dec-2011

Do you require the provision of multiple shipping options as part of your fulfilment services?

A seamless communication stream allowing individual orders to be shipped using a range of carriers and service options in today’s e commerce world is a must. Your customers will demand this over time.

We ship lot’s of parcels for lot’s of customers. This bulk buying power provides a great range of options for postal, express and other carriers at competitive rates.

No Frills Parcel

Carrier options range from a basic Australia Post Letter or Parcel service. This is a great no frills economical option for house hold deliveries.

Where tracking is required.
For urgent requirements

Express Delivery services are provided for those customers who cannot wait. Combined with tracking this is a great value add and a selling feature you can use to promote to your customers. This service is of course particularly valuable when you have a fulfilment partner who gets your order out on time. Otherwise there is no benefit in paying a premium for this service.

Where now is not soon enough?

Courier Options are needed sometimes for ultra urgent deliveries. Have you had a scenario where your customer needs the delivery within a couple of hours? Courier companies provide VIP and door-to-door services. These are great. All you need is a fulfilment company that can compliment this delivery option with an equally quick fulfilment capability. When you deal with Coghlan you will learn to expect this capability. It’s the way we provide our fulfilment service.

What are the cost implications?

Distribution costs increase for faster and more trackable services. These are linked to carrier costs. The fulfilment costs however are not affected. The effort in getting an urgent order out is largely the same as it is for the not so urgent order. Ultimately all orders need to go out the door. Coghlan’s systems provide the means to manage the priorities.

Your choice

You have the choice of selecting the carrier & service options at an order level. The choice is a function of what your business requirements are.

What is difficult to ship?

Most items represent no difficulties at all. You may be sending out a letter, a box, many boxes or even pallets and containers. However there are some items which present challenges. These include large furniture items, whitegoods and boats. There are also items that standard carriers refuse to deal with such as explosives and other dangerous goods.

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