Nokia 5110 LCD (Blue)

Nokia 5110 LCD (Blue) from GeekStudio

By: GeekStudio  09-Sep-2014
Keywords: Display Accessories, 5110 Lcd, Nokia 5110,

Nokia5110 liquid crystal is the second-hand mobile phone Nokia screen, at the liquid crystal are a selection of color and quality are very good. Base plate for the station design, four angle positioning holes are provided at the same time, two rows of terminals, arranged as follows: 1 RST -- reset 2 CE -- chip select 3 DC -- data / instruction selection 4 DIN -- serial data line 5 CLK -- serial clock line 6 VCC -- power input (3.3V and 5V can, after experimental verification, there is no problem ) 7 BL -- backlight control terminal 8 GND -- Ground Interface for serial SPI interface

Keywords: 5110 Lcd, Display Accessories, Nokia 5110, Nokia 5110 Lcd,

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