Tray Sealing - Skin Packing

By: D&l Pack  06-Dec-2011
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The technology of Tray Sealing, Skin Packing & Thermoforming is one of the fastest growing areas of food packaging. Both small and large  food producers alike stand to gain a lot with this technology and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

Simply explained:

Tray Sealing (also known as Tray Lidding) is where a food product is loaded into a pre-made tray and a transparent film is sealed to the top of the tray. 

Skin Packing is also where a film is sealed to the top of a pre-made tray, but before the film is sealed to the tray a vacuum is drawn and the film is sucked down to follow the contours of the tray and it's contents.

Thermoforming is done on a larger machine which draws through a bottom web film that is heated and vacuumed into the required shape for the product. The product is then loaded into the now formed trays and a top web (film) is heated and applied.

This technology is used for both fresh and frozen products and can greatly extend the shelf life of many food types. Tray packing and MAP is now the favoured form of packaging for products like fresh salads, almost all meats, snacks, ready meals, sandwiches, fruits and berries, fish, fresh pasta, dairy, dried foods and bakery products.

Keywords: Film, Map, Packaging, Skin Packing, Thermoforming, Tray, Tray Sealing

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