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By: Auckland Korfball  05-Apr-2012

Well in 500BC (approx) wise man Confucius say "2006 be year of the Korf" and he was right - well in Auckland at least!! I thought I'd run over a couple of main points of the year.

International - In July KNZ's national squad played in Tournaments in Taipei and Hong Kong - five players from Auckland Cam Wasley, Melissa Robinson, Rush Kariyawasam, Andy Hamilton and Shontee Carroll all went to represent their country. Unfortunately the outcome of that tournament wasn't quite as expected and the national focus has switched to the U23's, Auckland is well represented in the build up to AOYKC 2007 which is being held in Christchurch in July. Congratulations to Dennis, Aaron, Kelly, Gibz, Melissa, Scotty, Alex C, Alex V, Ryan and Shontee for being involved in the build up thus far. Also congratulations to our team manager Christine for being appointed U23 team manager.

Off The pitch - We have continued with our weekly patronage of The Horse and Trap to enjoy their lovely lovely beer as well as numerous other pub trips / BBQ's parties etc. We did a flyer drop around Epsom to recruit new players, we have increased our equipment register with enough balls and posts to run 6 concurrent games :) and other equipment courtesy of Lion.

The People - Including both leagues, the companies tournament and a variety of people coming through training over 250 people have played at least some Korfball in Auckland this year. For members of the club we said goodbye to Lucy, Charly and Cheryl earlier in the year and now say goodbye to Shontee. However we've said hello to Aaron, Dennis, Gibz, Jim, Rush, Scott, Tony, Alex V, Ryan, Alex C, Fiona, Hilary, Ben, Kelly, Melanie and Melissa R so things are positive.

The Future - 2007 looks like it will be a year of challenges and opportunity. With several key players due to leave early on in the New Year we'll have to continue to train/recruit to stay competitive. As numbers grow there is the possibility of organising ourselves into one or more clubs under a wider Auckland banner. Waikato Korfball will hopefully come into being sometime in early 2007 - this will require help from us as a region if it is to succeed. All in all though we've made terrific progress in the two years since we started, thanks to everyone for all your hard work hopefully next year will be even better.

Have a great Christmas / New year break and we'll see you back in the Domain on 18th Jan.

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