Childrens Eye Problems

Childrens Eye Problems from Auckland Eye

By: Auckland Eye  12-Jul-2012
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80% of a child's learning is done visually so it's important that your child has the best possible eyesight If you notice your child is squinting or is having difficulty seeing clearly, it is important to seek advice. In some cases, catching eye problems early can limit the effect of the problem. Common symptoms which may indicate vision problems include headaches, rubbing or shutting one eye when reading and poor concentration. Glasses are prescribed for children to correct focusing errors and improve vision, to prevent and treat amblyopia (lazy eye) or to correct eye muscle problems so it is recommended they are worn all the time. Your eye specialist will give you a prescription to take to the optometrist who can discuss the best type of glasses for your child and their ongoing maintenance.

Keywords: Childrens Eye Problems, Childrens Eyes, Eye Surgery,

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