Legacy Modernization, EAI & Application Integration for Mainframe, Web, Desktop

By: Attachmate  06-Dec-2011

The Verastream suite can help you rapidly service enable or web enable your legacy assets. The most practical legacy modernization option available, Verastream is highly recommended for even those applications in your “hard to justify” category of modernization projects.

Verastream provides a strategically incremental approach that can reduce the costs and time frames typically associated with other processes. The result is that all lines of business quickly get user-friendly, agile applications that support their needs and make them more productive.

Note: If you want to explore legacy modernization in a wider context, consider our new resource centers. Each solution-focused portal contains white papers, case studies, technical overviews, webcasts, diagrams, demos, and more – conveniently available in one place dedicated to any of these topics:

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An Answer to Business-Driven Legacy Modernization Needs

The key to Verastream performance lies in a complete range of mainframe and midrange tools that speed the reuse of legacy applications. Equally important, Verastream uses best practices that allow all completed projects to become strategic components for reuse across the enterprise.

Whether your goal is simply to improve the workflow of a legacy application or to retool it into a set of reusable services, Verastream solutions can help. And they can do it without making the legacy modernization project bigger than the driving business requirement.


The Verastream legacy modernization suite offers these solutions:

Mainframe Integration

Service Orchestration 

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White Papers

Solving Real-World Problems

Legacy Modernization in Action:

Quick customer success videos show how easy it is

View these four-minute videos to see how PPG and Freightliner used Verastream solutions to tackle mainframe modernization with service enablement.

Flash Demos

Try out the most advanced ways to do legacy service enablement and orchestration.

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