Family of PC X servers with SSH and OpenGL support

By: Attachmate  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Windows

The Reflection family of X servers allows Windows users to securely access text-based and graphical applications on UNIX systems. These high-powered solutions offer something for everyone, from robust and familiar legacy functionality to sophisticated next-generation capability.

PC X Server 2011: Advanced Features for the Modern Workplace

Our next-generation PC X server products, Reflection X 2011 and Reflection Suite for X 2011, combine familiar and robust legacy features with powerful advanced capabilities.

Ideal for today’s workplace, our 2011 PC X server products render rich, precise graphics with unrivaled speed and accuracy—to any desktop, local or across the globe. They allow X applications to be launched, suspended, resumed, transferred, and shared. Even more, they offer support for current platforms and emerging virtualization technologies, including Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008; VMware; and Microsoft App-V and Citrix XenApp.

PC X Server 14.1: Robust and Feature-Rich

Our legacy PC X server products deliver the rich visual display and reliable security that users need to get their jobs done.

Keywords: Windows

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