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By: Atlasnova  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Astronomy, Green Laser, Laser Pointer

Available in 10 gauge and 12 gauge.  One ounce is 20 inches in length for 10 gauge; for 12 gauge, one ounce is 36 inches in length.   Made in USA.                              

We now have a half-gallon generator, which includes a half-gallon mason jar, 2 15-inch pieces of 12 gauge pure 9999 silver wire, multi meter, universal power supply, Atlasnova OEM red laser pointer and scrubbing pad. Also available is our one-gallon colloidal generator and the CS generator 1. Made in USA.

Atlasnova's Green Laser Pointers are available in Astronomy Grade I and Grade II. We also have the Green Laser Pointer with Feedback (APC), which comes with Class IIIa <5mW and Class II <1mW.

Atlasnova's Red Laser Pointers are available in 650nm and 635nm. Made in Taiwan.

Green and Red Laser Modules. The green laser module has a lens that produces divergences of a less than 0.6 milliradians.  The red laser modules are available in 650nm and 635nm.  Made in Taiwan.

       The accessories are remote switch for Astronomers and "O' rings.

Important : You need to contact Arnold Beland at 1-509-466-0976 between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday - Friday, to access the high spec green laser devices.

These high spec green laser devices are not "modified" in any way. They are just the result of more perfect alignment of the optical components. We check each and every green pointer with our Analog Meter and a Coherent LaserCheck when we receive them for beam quality and stability. Items are brand new and fully checked out before shipping.
These devices are too bright for presentations, lectures, general use. Uses include astronomy star pointing by clubs, societies, and observatories; special effects in the TV and movie industry; as a component in measuring and cutting tools, etc. Specifically designed for use by Federal and Local Law Enforcement; The US Armed Services; Corporate and University Labs; and the medical community.

These are not toys - not for children.  For professional use only.  Must be 18 years old or older to purchase.


Keywords: Astronomy, Green Laser, Laser Pointer