Astron - reporting

By: Astron  06-Dec-2011

services: reporting, query and analysis

At Astron we recognise the difficulties for the user community to extract and report data from financial systems.

We provide comprehensive support for the reporting and analysis needs of your organisation.We can help you implement database-reporting tools:

 To query data from any source

 To produce reports and publish them throughout your enterprise And provide training on the use of these tools

We have a library of reports that have been developed for all the common business documents (invoice, purchase order, etc…). We can therefore adapt these to your requirements at a small cost for development.

Other products and services from Astron


Astron - support

Tackle some of the most difficult issues quickly and efficiently, preventing down time or loss of service of mission critical systems.SMART CustomisationsWe can create and test solutions off-site thereby cutting the development costs substantially.


Astron - consulting

Full project documentation Focused expertise to support the transition from one software version to the next Ability to support a complete solution Complete procedures guide based on a proven methodology Expertise in any phase of the implementation plan. Our implementation methodology has been specially designed to fast track the process with project timesavings of some 30%.


Astron - project

Our well-defined standards, templates and deliverables for each phase, in addition to the quality assurance reviews, ensure that the work is completed to budget and on time.We can help you prepare a quality plan with full costing, create a project infrastructure and build a project team.


Astron - sales

We provide a complete range of computer hardware, software and consumables. We also sell hardware and software to our corporate customers.


Astron - training

Typically they last from 2 to 3 days, are designed for 6 to 8 people and cover similar topics to the tailored courses.The objective of Astron?s training consultancy is to help the individual do his daily work more effectively by increasing his understanding of the applications he uses in the work place. At Astron we advise clients on their training requirements and present specificallytailored training courses for their staff.