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By: Arrowmark  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Photography, Tourism

Arrowmark Services

With experience in many industries and regions, Arrowmark is available to provide sales, marketing, editorial and design services to companies around New Zealand, be they tourism, hospitality or corporate entities.

Please get in touch if you'd like a quote for any type of project, from new business cards to brand makeovers, trade show attendance or wholesale client meetings.

Our rates are reasonable because we love what we do! A quote can be provided on a per-hour or a per-project basis.

Whether you need a new logo, shop signage, or publications such as magazines, newsletters and prospectuses, Arrowmark will work with you to provide the perfect design, imagery, words and structure.
Launching a new product? Need a new company name? Logo a bit tired? Need to refresh your brand?
Arrowmark can help you come up with the right graphics and words to depict your brand's personality.
Their or there? Come or came? Affect or effect? Experienced communicators, Arrowmark specialise in English grammar and will ensure your direct mail, website or written correspondence is clear, concise and correct.
If you need to submit a story to television, newspaper or radio, Arrowmark can get the key points out to the relevant media in a timely and industry-accepted format.
Want to develop new markets? What about building new relationships outside your current markets? Do you want to know how your customers located you?
Too busy to attend the tradeshow? Do you need someone to make your round of sales calls?
Arrowmark can help you sell your product's benefits to your target markets.
You've probably been bombarded by webmasters promoting their abilities. Sure, they may be great coders but do they know your markets? Do you know enough about web architecture to direct them in their build?
A well-designed web site will work for your business long after your webmaster has left the building. Arrowmark understands the principles of marketing and will work with you to build a site that you will be proud to put your name on, and so will we.

Photography and image editing

Got rid of some staff? Is an unfortunate pimple marring your corporate look? Was the weather bad on the day the photographer visited?
Arrowmark will make your photos reflect what you want to convey to your market and a little bit of technical wizardry will ensure you're happy with the imagery that showcases your brand.
And next time round, we know some very talented photographers who will ensure the images are great from the start.
While there are plenty of attractive fonts available for computers, nothing says "this is special" like hand-written words.
From place cards for heads of state and visiting royalty to love poems and family pledges, Arrowmark has provided specialised calligraphy in New Zealand and overseas for twenty years.
As a third-generation Queenstowner with 15 years experience in Queenstown's tourism industry, Jo is well placed to advise on local attractions and to arrange tours, conferences, weddings and events in the region.
If you have an event already organised, Arrowmark can assist with your function in several ways:
  • Calligraphy placecards for tables, name tags for guests, for awards, certificates or gift presentations;
  • Stylish menu design and production;
  • Powerpoint or Flash slideshows.
If you need a venue, Arrowmark has close relationships with premier central Queenstown venues. Arrowmark also works with experienced themers and team-building experts who can add interest to your conference, reunion or incentive.

Keywords: Marketing, Photography, Tourism