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By: Aroha Acupuncture  05-Apr-2012
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After being treated to a mild autumn and early winter, the colder months are now upon us. The change in temperature can be enough to lower our immunity and allow in pathogenic factors causing colds and flus. Cold gets into our more superficial channels and causes pain or exacerbates injuries or areas of weakness such as the lower back.

Acupuncture is good for building immunity, helping to throw off colds and flus (especially in the early stages), for getting rid of that horrible phlegm and cough and resolving painful conditions.

Winter is represented in the Chinese Five Element model as Water and the associated organs are Kidneys and Bladder. The main emotion associated with Water is fear. Did you know the reason we urinate more in winter?  It's due to the cold contracting all the tissues in the body, including the bladder.

A Time to Nurture

At this time of winter solstice, we experience the most Yin time of the year. The energy in our body and around us dives deep and there is the less Yang or transformational energy available to us. We need to conserve our energy more at this time; sleeping and resting more and nourishing ourselves with warming foods. If we carry on at the same hectic pace regardless of season, we risk sapping our energy reserves, shortening our life span and making ourselves more vulnerable to serious illness in Spring when the Yang energy rises strongly. Through good management and care, we can either prolong and improve the quality of our lifespan or reduce it!

Warm up with Aroha!

My clinic room is very cosy with warm towels and wheat bags, moxabustion for warming all your cold bits and helping you feel better. If you have a scratchy throat and feel like you might be coming down with a cold, get into the clinic and I can help send off the invaders! Having a bottle of Yin Qiao Wan Chinese herbs on hand is great for warding off colds/flu's in the early stages.

If you are lethargic, book into the clinic and restore your energy levels and be nourished with a combination of massage, moxibustion and acupuncture.

Things you can do..

Keep wrapped up with warm clothes, hats, scarves. It's important to keep your head and neck protected as this is where cold likes to get in. Also, your lower back and sitting on cold concrete.

And lastly your feet..keep them warm.At night before bed, soak your feet in warm water with some salt. As well as being relaxing, the foot bath helps to draw warmth up into your limbs and lower back nourishing your Kidney energy, which in Chinese Medicine is our foundational energy.

Take your Vitamin C. We don't get enough in our diet and with the stressful lives that most of us lead we don't absorb nutrients so well.  I recommend1-3 1000g tablets or powder per day for maintenance, or up to 8-10 1000g when fighting infection. It's also great for aiding blood circulation.

Stay warm and healthy!

Belinda Falconar

Keywords: Chinese Medicine

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