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By: Aroha Acupuncture  05-Apr-2012

Daylight saving is here, spring is in the air, and our spirits rise to enjoy the longer sunny days, the scent of spring flowers,  and the sound of birdsong. There are some downsides to spring. For example, if we pushed ourselves too hard during winter, spring winds and changeable weather patterns may undermine a weakened immune system and allow in colds, flus, viral and bacterial infections, skin and eye problems, and allergies including hay fever.
In the 5 Element Chinese model, Spring is represented by the Wood element, which governs the Liver and the Gallbladder.  The positive emotions/qualities associated with Wood are creativity, assertiveness, flexibility, planning, organizing. Less positive emotions/qualities are anger, frustration, inflexibility, depression, and an inability to see or plan for the future.
Spring offers the opportunity for change, new growth, taking action, clearing out the old and stale, making positive changes and planning for the future.
It's good to be aware that the abundance and brashness of spring energy often causes our energy to become stuck – it's called Liver Qi stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Emotional and psychological stresses may arise and be expressed or not - these stresses do cause problems relating to digestion, menstruation, physical injuries, aches and pains.

My recommendations for spring ..

  • Spring clean your home, car and office environment, let go of any superfluous clutter
  • Make a list of your personal, holiday and/or business plans for the next six months
  • Exercise regularly to get your Liver Qi moving and prevent stagnation
  • Stretches for Liver Qi mobilization include twisting your torso, side bending and daily walks
  • Allow yourself time to relax, replenish and rest
  • Incorporate creative fun recreational activities into your life
  • Detox and re-mineralize your body 
  • Drink a tall glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice first thing in the morning

Eat more lightly, avoid processed, rich or fatty foods and include some raw food such as salad, sprouts and lots of veggies with your meals. NB: dark green veggies are particularly detoxifying

Book in now!

Yours in health and happiness

Belinda Falconar

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