Arena Integrates With EDA, MCAD/PDM and ERP Systems

By: Arena Solutions  06-Dec-2011

Arena tracks the items and BOMs you select, and a monitoring feature indicates when they change. You can manage your own reconciliation process, or select one of our automated integration solutions for synchronization with leading CAD, EDA, and ERP systems. Arena also offers comprehensive custom integration services to assist with project management, data mapping, or testing to support your own unique requirements.

Managed or automated, it’s your choice

Arena puts you in control: you can perform your own reconciliation, or choose an automated solution. Whatever solution you choose, Arena supports you every step of the way with monitoring and configuration assistance. You get peace of mind from knowing which changes in Arena have been propagated to your enterprise applications—with no guesswork, no headaches, and no astronomical price tag.

Managed integrations

If you choose to manage your reconciliation yourself, we’ll tell you what’s changed and help you track your progress. With the built-in integration management capability of Arena, you’ll be able to manage the data synchronization of multiple enterprise systems, each with its own uniquely defined administrator

The managed integration capability will allow you to:

  • Establish an integration for each destination enterprise application.
  • Track multiple items for each integration.
  • Assign unique Integration Administrators to each integration.
  • Review the changed data in a single view.
  • Easily reconcile each update.

Automated integrations

We’ve also built a collection of powerful integration solutions that synchronize Arena data with leading enterprise software packages. These automated solutions connect directly with your enterprise applications to ensure that Arena data is properly integrated. You get accurate data transfers built on a sophisticated platform configured for you by our expert integration team.

EDA Integration Solutions

MCAD/PDM Integration Solutions

ERP Integration Solutions

Don’t see the integration you’re looking for?


Instant visibility into your integration progress

Whether you choose managed or automated integration, the Integration Monitoring & Management tool tracks the items you specify and indicates when the data has been changed in Arena. You can track changes to inventory disposition notes, specifications (including custom attributes), BOMs, and sourcing information. You get a clear list of accumulating changes, updated on the fly, so you know instantly what data is waiting to be reconciled.


Status at a glance

Arena gives you an extra level of visibility into the status of your integration system: the Integration Monitoring & Management tool—right on your Arena Dashboard. This module uses a straightforward, color-coded system to show you whether your automated synchronization is completely up to date, has queued changes to be reconciled, needs your attention, or has been disabled. From your Dashboard, you can access the list of changed data that has been queued, and if you need to, you can access the Integration Maintenance Tool for more in-depth information.


Integration Services make it easy


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Other products and services from Arena Solutions


Bill of Material (BOM) and Change Management Software

By integrating with the CAD, EDA, PDM and ERP solutions most commonly used by the manufacturing community, Arena provides a critical bridge between design and production systems. With Arena, BOMs, changes and the rest of your product data flow smoothly and accurately from design to manufacturing.


Features of Arena BOM and Change Management Software

Arena enables manufacturers to accurately capture and manage their bills of materials and associated product information and then share that information across even the most geographically distributed organizations. When changes are needed, you and your external partners can use Arena to efficiently review, approve and implement multiple types of engineering change orders.


Training and Support | Arena Solutions

Arena offers a range of support services, from technical support for your everyday questions to hands-on support from our customer success team for help getting started with a new feature, applying best practices or solving another challenge. You can turn to this community when you have questions about the application—or to discuss other topics that help you do your job, like business strategies, industry issues, career opportunities and more.