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By: Arc Innovations  06-Dec-2011

Arc Innovations assists the utility with integrating the advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) solution into the business. Our company performs tasks such as business process design, implementation, and requirements' definition. We support the utility to develop its business case for AMI deployment, assisting with the identification of direct and value-added benefits that the solution will bring.

Pre-deployment Planning and Auditing

This is a critical phase for both parties where alignment of project teams, processes, and systems is established. Arc Innovations works with the utility to develop the customer communications plan, finalise the approach to be taken, and develop a detailed deployment plan.

Pilots and Installer Training

Arc Innovations takes a detailed and managed approach to ensure success of this phase, which represents the bulk of the project effort. All deployments commence with a low number of pilot sites to ensure that systems and processes between Arc Innovations and the utility are fully operational, and amended where necessary. Installer training that is completed in this phase will include familiarisation with the systems, processes, and tools that Arc Innovations has developed to facilitate the deployment of its AMI system. We have developed a series of highly effective and unique field service tools to ensure that data integrity and the installation process are optimised from the start of the deployments.

eSmart Installer

Arc Innovations has developed eSmart Installer, a workflow management wizard that guides installers through the process of installing our meters and other in-field service events e.g. repairs and audits. The eSmart installer ensures accurate data is captured, including GPS location, to ensure that all asset management and regulatory requirements are met. The eSmart installer interrogates meters to verify they are left in an operational state at the conclusion of a field service event. The eSmart installer sets the meter's internal clock to the correct local time, and applies the requisite communications network authentication settings, thereby allowing the meter to register with the back office. The eSmart installer automatically uploads work order data to Arc Innovations' back office at the completion of each service event, enabling job data to be provided to the utility in near real time.


Arc Innovations has a number of installation specialists who are able to remotely and interactively provide real time assistance to the installers, thereby ensuring we successfully and efficiently complete all installations.

Service Initiation

Service initiation continues throughout the duration of the field deployment, and involves provisioning and activating the AMI services for each customer site. All services are initiated prior to the installer leaving the site.

Ongoing Delivery of Services and Management of Assets

Arc Innovations' back office operates the AMI services on an ongoing basis. A service desk ensures that fault management and field service enquiries are managed to a high standard with minimal disruption to customers. Arc Innovations supports the following services:

Meter Reading Service

  • Collection and validation of interval and cumulative meter readings and event data
  • Secure storage of meter reading and event data
  • Provision of scheduled monthly billing reads
  • Provision of out-of-cycle special and on-demand reads.

Field Services

  • Remote disconnection and reconnection
  • Remote tariff changes
  • Local disconnection and reconnection
  • Load limiting
  • Revenue assurance investigations and site checks
  • Prepay service initiation
  • Repairs.

Energy Management Service

  • Secondary load control via ripple receiver and/or time-based load control schedule
  • Monitoring for consumption at vacant and disconnected properties
  • Detection and reporting of tamper and meter fault events.

Interval Data Provision Service

  • Includes data verification of interval (e.g. half-hourly) data traffic
  • Provision of interval data.

Reporting Service

  • Billing
  • Compliance reporting
  • Exceptions, faults etc
  • Service level reporting
  • Installation and roll-out progress
  • Ad hoc reports.

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