ARBICO's Pest Problem Solver Guide

By: Arbico Organics  06-Dec-2011
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The best approach is to use an Integrated Pest Management program, where cultural, physical, chemical and biological tools work together to sustain a healthy environment.

Cultural control involves plant selection, site selection, proper planting and keeping your plants healthy.
Physical control includes barriers, traps and lures or physical removal to prevent or reduce pest problems.
Biological control brings in proper beneficial insects or organisms to fight the pests.

For optimum pest control results, it is best to use a combination of these. A good fertility program will also help by increasing plants' vitality, making them less susceptible to insect pests, weeds and diseases. Use traps to capture and monitor pests, natural insecticides for knock down of large populations of insects, and beneficial insects and organisms to combat developing stages.

Locate your problem insect from the list below or you can use our search feature at the top of the page. Searching can be done by insect type, for instance "beetle" and then finding information to control the type you have on that page or a link within it.

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Other products and services from Arbico Organics


Natural Critter Control Products for Home, garden and Farm

Use these non-hazardous organic products to repel pest deer, squirrels, rabbits, moles, rodents and birds.These products are all non-toxic and do not exterminate the creatures, they deter them, so you can remain pest free with a clear conscience. They feast on garden vegetables, fruit and nut trees, destroy lawns and flowerbeds, and make homes in attics and crawlspaces. Birds and other critters can be serious nuisances to homes and gardens.


Beneficial Insects & Organisms for Natural Pest Control

ARBICO Organics has been supplying beneficial insects and organisms to gardeners, horse and livestock facilities, home owners and commercial growers for more than 33 years. Our feeder insects section has live and dried insects and larva available as food or diet suppliments for lizards. Use our benefical insects for natural pest control and pollination.


Organic Insecticides for Natural Pest Control for Lawns, Gardens, Greenhouses and Farms

Use as part of an Integrated Pest Management program which includes traps for monitoring and capturing pests and beneficial insects and organisms to control pests in their developing stages. Natural Pest Control Products for Lawns, Gardens, Greenhouses and Farms.Use these natural insecticides to repel and eliminate harmful pests. The following categories of products use botanicals or plant extracts that are applied to plant foliage.


Insect Traps and Lures for Home, Garden and Farm Pest Monitoring and Control

They all commonly use pheromone lures, baits or contain sticky substances that are affixed to different colored surfaces that attract a specific range of insects. Some traps are durable and can be reused by simply replacing the bait or the removable sticky pad; others are disposable after they are filled. Household Pest and Insect Traps generally use baits or sticky substances to trap pest insects.


Organic Pest Control Products from Arbico

Choose the right program based on the number of animals on your property and your climate zone. Eliminate Flies in Their Developing Stage with ARBICO's Tiny Fly Parasites. Your Fly Eliminators will arive in the mail all season long. Used by horse and livestock owners for over 31 years.