By: Apt  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Portfolio Risk, Interactive Portfolio

To control your risk while maintaining alpha, APT Pro delivers interactive portfolio risk management and portfolio construction/revision in a desktop application.


  • Imports and exports portfolios in popular file formats, such as Excel, CSV or XML
  • Delivers robust color-coded error-checking
  • Offers extensive graphing and reporting


  • Uses any benchmark from a selection of popular indexes or user defined
  • Estimates tracking error and other portfolio risk measures
  • Provides drill-down capabilities to factor risk attribution, beta analysis and security-level analytics such as each stock's contribution to risk
  • Measures performance

Keywords: Interactive Portfolio, Portfolio Risk, Portfolio Risk Management, Risk Management,

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APT's Solutions for Alternative Investments

It provides the basis for effective action to address the potential downside for you or your clients in all market conditions. APT Pro delivers interactive portfolio risk management and portfolio construction/revision in a desktop application. Whatever your investment strategy, market risk management is a critical requirement for an investment firm. APT helps your business to effectively monitor and manage its investment risks.


SunGard APT for Solvency II

Solvency II presents a fundamental review of capital requirements and risk management standards for the European insurance sector, and is scheduled to come into effect in early 2013. SunGard's APT can support your Internal Model, giving you greater capital flexibility and competitive advantage over insurers with standard models.


APT Risk Reporter

APT Risk Reporter supports a workflow that helps integrate back-office risk reporting with middle- and front-office portfolio and risk management functions within a single framework. Scenario Analysis Users can define either their own scenarios based upon shocks to explanatory factors or can take historical scenarios and apply them in a forward looking fashion.


APT Market Risk Models

Extensive Asset Class Coverage Instrument coverage extends over a multitude of asset classes including equities, bonds, currencies, indices, commodities, REITs and funds. More than 50 multi-factor risk models are available in single country, regional and global varieties, including dedicated emerging markets and Arabian markets models.


Professional Services

Each APT client has its own unique requirements and the global APT Professional Services team based in 15 locations around the world, including London; New York; Sydney; Paris; Frankfurt; Hong Kong; Singapore and Johannesburg can provide assistance with. APT works closely with clients pre-sale, during installation and post implementation.