Preclinical ADME Tox Testing Services

By: Apredica  06-Dec-2011

Apredica offers discovery-focused ADME Tox services focused on the pre-GLP phase of drug development. Our emphasis is on:

  • Quality and reproducibility of results.
  • Rapid turnaround so that results may be used to accelerate medicinal chemistry cycles.
  • Cost-efficient prioritization of ADME Tox assays. We recommend starting with assays that are the least costly and most likely to identify ADME Tox liabilities. In most cases, only the leads close to being advanced to IND-enabling GLP studies require a complete ADME Tox profile.
  • A consultative approach. Each chemical series has a unique profile of ADME Tox characteristics. Our highly experienced, specialized ADME Tox scientists will help guide you through the fastest, most cost-effective path towards IND.

Absorption Assays

Distribution Assays

Metabolism Assays

Excretion Assays

  • Hepatocytes Uptake and Excretion: Suspension Hepatocytes
  • Discovery Bioanalytical Method Development
  • Rat and Mouse Pharmacokinetics: IV, IP, PO Dosing
  • Pre-Formulation Development

Custom Assays