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By: Appear Networks  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Device Management

Appear IQ MDM is designed to simplify the staging and management of mobile devices in a field workforce environment, using powerful features for software management, network management, setting/configuration management, staging and self-heal.

Deploying and maintaining a fleet of devices for task oriented workers is a daunting task for any IT department. Without proper device management infrastructure, IT departments are often burdened with additional support costs and security risks.

Addressing the challenges of Device Management

Staging: Deploying, updating or upgrading software across a geographically dispersed field workforce is a logistical challenge.  With Appear IQ , administrators can configure an initial device software image and distribute it to all the devices in the field. Once installed, the AppearIQ client software becomes responsible for managing updates and upgrades over the air and can be used to reset a device to its initial image (self-heal) in the case of data corruption. User intervention is not required.

Device Integrity: Device performance (speed and battery life) can be dramatically reduced when unauthorized software is installed or when multiple applications are running simultaneously. With Appear IQ, administrators can pre-define software that is authorized to run on the device (application or process white list) when business applications are running and avoid memory leakage. Appear IQ can be configured to run in “kiosk mode” where only specific applications are available and the device menu cannot be accessed. Appear IQ also allows the control of hardware parameters such as backlight settings, GPS on/off in order to reduce the drain on batteries.

Connectivity: Devices can access a number of wireless networks such as WLAN or 3G, but applications are not designed to automatically switch from one network to another.  With Appear IQ the device automatically connects to the best and cheapest available connection without user intervention. Network alternatives and priorities can be defined differently for each application.

Security and Compliance: IT administrators need to enforce strong security policies with handheld devices deployed in the field as they often carry sensitive business information. Misplaced devices, access to unauthorized applications or unauthorized websites can open security and create security risks. With Appear IQ, IT administrators can enforce PIN code usage for personal authentication upon powering the device and distribute X.509 client certificates for device authentication over WLAN.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Device breakdowns can be related to software faults or corrupted data.  IT administrators are effectively “blind” without a management console and the only way for them to troubleshoot a problem is to exchange the affected device. With Appear IQ, IT administrators can easily monitor the status of all devices, including their software inventory, from a centralized console. In case of an incident, remote logs ensure that central IT can troubleshoot the problem and users can restore the device to its original setup (by using the “self-heal” function).

Keywords: Device Management

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