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By: Apl  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Document Storage, Data Accuracy, Paper Handling


Because EDI eliminates the need for sending paper documents through traditional means -- including mail, faxes or e-mail -- it is a major contributor to creating a "paperless" office environment.

EDI messages adhere to a set of rules and regulations governing the flow of electronic data, known as "protocols." The use of standardized data formats allows computers to exchange various business documents without companies needing to customize their hardware or software system.

EDI can be easily integrated into your system to provide a highly efficient interface between your system and ours, that eliminates the need for rekeying data and improves overall communications and data accuracy.

What types of information can be exchanged via EDI?

A variety of types of business information exchange is available via EDI including:

  • Booking information
  • Bill of Lading information
  • Invoicing
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Arrival Notice Information
  • Shipment Status Information

How would choosing EDI benefit my company?

  • It streamlines the communications process between you and APL
  • It eliminates the need to rekey data, thus eliminating errors and the need to recheck information
  • It eliminates paper handling and the need for document storage
  • It improves the turntime and the accuracy of your data
  • It eliminates the need for faxing

Will my international facilities be able to read the same information as I can?

Yes. As long as your international facilities have access to your company's global system, they will be able to view the information that is sent and received via EDI. APL supports both the ANSI-X12 standards used in the United States and UN EDIFACT standards used globally.

How do we get started?

Simply contact your APL Representative, and we will set up an initial meeting with you to clarify your requirements and review your systems capabilities.

Keywords: Data Accuracy, Document Storage, Edi Messages, Paper Handling,

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