By: Aorangidebt  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Debtors, Monthly Statements, Debtor Account

We do not just send letters but can personally visit and speak with debtors.
Are encouraged to pay directly to you.
Negotiate realistic repayment plans, resolve disputes and prepare evidence summaries for Disputes Tribunal Hearings.
Long serving competent staff.
On court costs.
This is our specialist area. Services include the preparation of the Hearing Application, evidence summary and coaching in how best to present your claim.
Free No Obligation Advice
On problem credit situations.
Very seldom required due to the success of our initial approaches.
Headquarters in Christchurch and agents in most areas throughout New Zealand.
Our monthly statements show net proceeds of money collected and your debtor account reference details.
What's happening? Just telephone and any of our staff can provide an instant update.
Our success depends on the age and quality of the debt but is equal to or higher than the industry average.

Keywords: Debtor Account, Debtors, Monthly Statements, Send Letters,