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Contents of The Globe « ANZMaps

This list includes the contents of The Globe no. 41 onwards, including articles and reports, but not book reviews, reports on conferences or other similar materials. Since no. 46, The Globe has contained Refereed Articles (peer-reviewed) and Reports (unreviewed); reports are indicated by [report] at the end of their title.

Aplin, G, ‘Changing maps of changing cities: mapping urban change’, p.19-26.
Ayyar, M, ‘Mapping via Internet: transmitting maps electronically’, p. 88-94.
Benson, D, ‘Mapping vegetation’, p. 40-44.
Clancy, R, ‘Historic cartography of the thematic map, p.10-18.
Denholm, D, ‘To map is to discover: the realisation of shape & context’, p.1-9.
Hogan, C, ‘Mapping beach conditions to provide an efficient rescue service’, p. 68-82.
Kohen, J, ‘Mapping aboriginal linguistics & clan boundaries in the Sydney region’, p.32-9.
Mackenzie, A, ‘Geographical patterns of crime’, p. 83-87.
Martyn, J, ‘Geological mapping on the Macintosh’, p. 27-31.
Pressey, R. & Ferrier, S, ‘Types, limitations & uses of geographic data in conservation planning’, p. 45-52.
Selkirk P. & Adamson, D, ‘Mapping Macquarie Island’, p. 53-67.
Thomas, R, ‘Lost and found in space: digital data and map libraries’,
p. 95-101.

Baker, G, ‘Towards a national land and geographic data infrastructure’, p. 1-14.
Buckley, C, ‘The value of maps and charts in regional and family history’, p. 48-61.
Cooke, T, ‘Maps for orienteering’, p. 49-57.
Jones, A, & Prescott, D, ‘Digital spatial data and libraries in Australia’, p. 15-35.
Roberts, J, ‘Problems of survival: is it a beginning, an end or a continuation of the status quo?’ [report], p.62-70.
Robson, R, ‘Radar elevation model (REM)’, p. 36-48.

Atchison, J, ‘Towards an Australian national place names project’ [report], p. 47-59.
Benson, J, ‘Sampling, strategies and costs of regional vegetation mapping’, p. 18-28.
Bowie, I, ‘Whose environment are we mapping?’, p. 12-17.
Cooper, R, ‘The 1:250 000 scale hydrogeological map series of the Murray Basin’ [report], p. 60-67.
Epps, R, ‘Mapping broom by satellite imagery at Barrington Tops NSW’, p. 6-11.
Ferry, J, ‘Mapping the New South Wales free selection acts in colonial New England’, p. 29-42.
Lamble, W, ‘The role of the library map collection in assisting export trade’, p. 43-46.
Paxton, I, ‘Digital developments at the NSW LIC’ [report], p. 68-69.
Williams, B, ‘Hazard mapping’, p. 1-5.

Birtles, T, ‘Cartographic dreaming: the Bourbon search for Paradise’, p. 10-16.
Chatwin, D, ‘The whale charts produced by Matthew Fontaine Murray’, p. 59-67.
Dunkley, J, ‘Maps of Australian caves and karst’, p. 41-44.
McCarthy, J, ‘The story of Adastra: its aerial survey and mapping activites’, p.45-58.
McDonald, B, ‘Filling in the maps’ [report], p. 68-73.
Moore, J, ‘Heritage and mapping: a future for the past?’, p. 17-23.
Mulvaney, J, ‘A continent for mapping’, p. 1-9.
Scurfield, G, & Scurfield, J, ‘Creating a landlord’s landscape: special surveys in Victoria’, p. 24-40.

Cartwright, W. et al, ‘Investigations into the use of new media and the provision of map products’, p. 1-13.
Eccleston, G, ‘Major Mitchell’s use of Bate’s anaglyptograph to map Greenhill Lake and notes on subsequent maps using inclined contours’, p. 32-41.
Jones, A, ‘The Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure: in the public interest?’, p. 14-18.
Prescott, D, ‘Maps of Australia in book: a cartobibliography’, p. 19-31.
Prescott, V, ‘Significant contributions of maps to the development of international boundary disputes before 1914′, p. 42-54.

Cain, J, ‘Providing a digital mapping service in a map library’, p. 70-77.
Davis, S, & Prescott, D, ‘Symbolism of traditional aboriginal geographical knowledge of Australia’, p. 1-20.
Joyce, E, ‘Mapping the geology of the earth: from William Smith in 18th century England to Australian geological surveys in the 19th century …’, p. 59-69.
Liebenberg, E, ‘The role of the compilation map in British South Africa’, p. 42-58.
Richardson, W, ‘Enigmatic Indian Ocean coastlines on early maps and charts’, p. 21-41.

Dilley, A & Edwards, M, ‘Satellite-based monitoring of grassland curing in Victoria, Australia’, p. 11-15.
Ghobrial, J, ‘Tactual mapping, the Australian scene’ [report], p. 57-58.
Hocking, D, ‘Natmap early days, map compilation from aerial photographs 1948 – 1970s’, p. 16-34.
King, R, ‘Terra Australis, New Holland and New South Wales: the Treaty of Tordesillas and Australia’, p. 35-55.
Rowland, B, ‘Electronic charts, navigation into the 21st century’ [report], p. 56.
Steed, J, ‘The geocentric datum of Australia’, p. 5-10.
Willis, R, ‘1998 Australian Map Circle Conference: keynote address’ [report], p. 1-4.

Marques, A, ‘The Portuguese Prince Pedro’s Purchase of the Fra Mauro Map from Venice’, p. 1-34.
Scurfield, J, ‘An Extensive and Distant Survey: Nautical Surveying of the Australian Coast 1770-1880′, p. 35-46.
Sinclair, J, ‘Maps as a Tool for Understanding World War I’, p. 47-58.

Cartwright, W, ‘Looking back and looking forward: the development of multimedia cartography and the evolution of a unique geographical information presentation’, p.41-56.
Foale, M & Smith, D, ‘The evolution of regional knowledge and understanding through maps: a case study of the upper south east of South Australia’, p. 1-24.
Hutchings, I, ‘Queensland place names process’ [report], p. 60-64.
Landy, K, ‘Rural road addressing’ [report], p. 57-59.
O’Connor, M, ‘The National Library of Australia’s rare map digitization project’,p.25-30.
Pullar, D, ‘Cartography and scientific method’, p. 31-40.

Cartwright, W, ‘Understanding map projections’, p.54-58.
Gartner, G, ‘Interactions with maps – methods and developments’, p.11-18.
Jaksa, D, ‘New features for GEODATA SPOT-LITE’, p.59-63.
Marshall, B, ‘The first map stamps of Australia and New Zealand’, p.19-26.
Rutherford, D, ‘Captive cartography: map production in prisoner of war camps in World War II’, p.1-10.
Shephard, D, ‘Imagining the country – exploring and mapping Australia’, p.47-53.
Steward, H, ‘Francis Barrallier: the man behind the maps’, p.27-46.

Cartwright, W, ‘New media and geographical exploration: space and place’, p. 17-28.
Cho, G, ‘Maps and the law: how far can you go in court?’, p. 1-16.
Holmes, J, ‘Challenges in mapping the prospective future geography of Australia’s rangelands’, p. 51-59.
Jackson, L, ‘Mapping the Great Barrier Reef’, p. 37-50.
Walls, J & Plunkett, J, ‘SLATS: monitoring Queensland’s vegetation by Landsat TM analysis’, p. 29-36.

Beauchamp, C, ‘Mapping and naming the federal electorates: New
South Wales – Australia’s First Federal Election 1901′, p. 1-10.
Nicholson, T, ‘Van Diemen’s Land: Australia’s treasure island
for map collectors – an illustrated presentation’ [report], p.41-57.
Prescott, V, ‘The evolution and the future boundaries of Australian
states and territories’, p.11-30.
Shephard, D, ‘Gondwana to Waaia – mapping landscape change in
part of Moira shire’ [report], p.31-40.

Baker, T, ‘A conceptual model: data sharing, incremental updating, and future topographic map production’, p.23-32.
Ross, M, ‘The mysterious Eastland revealed’, p.1-22.
Urban, F, ‘Maps on stamps, frontiers and magpies’, p.33-42.
Whyte, B, ‘Bordering on the ridiculous? A comparison of the Baarle and Cooch Behar enclaves’, p.43-61.

Camino, M, ‘Staging the southern continent 1565-1606′, p.13-22.
Cook, K, ‘The secret agenda of Western Australian explorer Robert Dale (1809-1853), p.23-34.
Jia, X, ‘On error correction and accuracy assessment of satellite imagery registration’, p.35-38.
Robson, J, ‘The charts produced during the Pacific voyages of Bougainville and Cook: a comparison, p.39-60.
Ross, M, ‘Polus antarcticus: a catalogue of four states’, p.1-12.

Blair, D, ‘The Australian national placenames survey’ [report], p.69-72.
Bowden, J, ‘Fifty years in the map trade’ [report], p.73-76.
Foale, M & Smith, D, ‘The Coonawarra: a viticultural frontier? or just a case of sour grapes?’, p.43-67.
Paxton, I, ‘A new direction for spatial maintenance systems at Land and Property Information NSW’, p.77-80.
Puotenin, M, ‘Mapping tropical cyclone disturbance of the Great Barrier Reef’, p.31-42.
Rutherford, D, ‘Teaching the terrain: First World War battlefields at the Australian War Memorial’, p.25-30.
Whyte, B, ‘The diamond in the desert: the story of the giant Readymix logo on the Nullarbor’, p.1-24.

Batten, P, ‘Creating a landscape atlas: a demonstration and discussion’, p.41-55.
Griggs, P, ‘Mapping a new colony: the geographical construction of Queensland 1860-1880′, p.25-40.
O’Connor, M, ‘Mapping Australia’s transhumance: snow lease and stock route maps of NSW’, p.13-24.
Richardson, W, ‘Gavin Menzies’ cartographic fiction: the case of the Chinese “discovery” of Australia’, p.1-12.
Snowdon, I, ‘Bits of real estate: digitizing the Church Map Collection of heritage maps at Auckland City Libraries’ [report], p.56-60.

Clark, D, ‘Value of Victorian Aboriginal clan names for toponymic research’, p.13-16.
Farrugia, C & Nelson, P, ‘The 1862 Land Act map’ [report], p.35-37.
Flynn, R & Mifsud, G, ‘Vicmap topographic digital mapping’, p.27-34.
Hoddle-Colville, B, ‘Robert Hoddle: pioneer surveyor, 1794-1881′, p.17-26.
Kleeman, G & Hutchinson, N, ‘Maps in classrooms’, p.1-12.
Whyte, B, ‘Review article: wind atlases’, p.44-48.
Whyte, B, ‘The Patricia Alonso memorial prize’, p.38-39.

Rivers, P, ‘Footprints in the sea: nautical and physical impossibilities of Menzies’ 1421 voyages’, p.1-50.

Camino, M, ‘A Spanish mission in Tahiti: coastal views and eighteenth century cultural syncretism’, p.6-20.
Coates, J, ‘Making An atlas of Australia’s wars‘, p.31-48.
Gibbs, P, ‘A land projected – maps and mythologies’ [report], p.61.
Keogh, A & Fraser, D, ‘The evolution of Google online mapping’, p.49-58.
Leach, J, ‘Map or sacred icon? The spatial characteristics of aboriginal land paintings’, p.1-5.
Richardson, W, ‘Yet another version of the Portugese ‘discovery’ of Australia’ [report], p.59-60
Rutherford, D, ‘Gallipoli’s graves’, p.21-30.

“Index to issues 1-50”. pp.1-57.

Macknight,Campbell, ‘A Useless Discovery? Australia and its People in the eyes of Others from Tasman to Cook’ p.1-10
Cook, Karen S. ‘Thomas John Maslen and “The Great River or Desired Blessing” on his Map of Australia’ p.11-20
Wood, Greg ‘ Mr. Scrivener’s Predecessors: Laying Claim to Canberra’ p.21-43
Forbes, VL, ‘Review article: Olsson, Gunnar, Abysmal: A Critique of Cartographic Reason’ p.48-50
Andrew, PG, ‘Review article: Richardson, W.A.R., Was Australia Charted Before 1606?: the Java la Grande inscriptions’ p.50-52
Birtles, T, ‘Review article:Dunmore, J. , Storms and Dreams: the life of Louis de Bougainville’ and Dunmore, J. , Where Fate Beckons: the life of Jean-François de la Pérouse’ p.52-54
Whyte, B, ‘Review article: Nag, P. (ed.), Historical Atlas of India’ p.55-56
Urban, F, ‘Review article: Akerman, J.R. & Karrow, R.W. Jr. (eds), Maps – Finding our Place in the World’ p.56-58

King, Robert J ‘The Jagiellonian Globe: A Key to the Puzzle of Jave la Grande’ p.1-50
Reynders, P. ‘ Günter Schilder: The Great Man of Maps, [report] p.51-53
Painter, L., book review: National Library of Australia, ‘Australia in Maps: Great Maps in Australia’s History from the National Library’s collection’ p.54-55
Sherval, M, book review: John Dunmore, ‘From Venus to Antarctica: The Life of Durmont D’Urville’ p.56-57
Murray-Wallace, CV, book review: Mark Monmonier, ‘Coast Lines: How mapmakers frame the world and chart environmental change’ p.58

James, Earl, ‘The Ill-fated Escape Cliffs (Northern Territory) Survey Expedition 1864-66′ p.1-20
Prescott, Dorothy F., Chance Discovery Under the Southern Cross [report] p.21-
Urban, Frank, Did the Portuguese Know of Australia’s Tiwi Islands Prior to 1606? [report] p.42-
Zellmer, L., book review: K. Kocis, L. Rudenki, & F. Schweitzer, ‘Ukraine in Maps.’
Selover, M., book review: K. Kocis, ‘South Eastern Europe in Maps. 2nd edition.’

Cartwright, William, ‘Exploring Space: Lessons from applying interactive integrated media for visualising geography’ p.1-16
Gerritsen, Rupert, ‘Marooned Mariners and Mudmaps: The search for the ring of stones’ p.17-26
Hewitt, John, ‘The Terrestrial Sphere of ‘The Spheres’ Tapestries’p.27-48
Obituary: Rear-Admiral Sir David Haslamp.49-51
Kuhlken, R., book review: J.R. Short, ‘Cartographic Encounters: Indigenous Peoples and the Exploration of the New World’ p.52-53
Forbes, V., book review: R.J.A. Talbert & R.W. Unger, ‘Cartography in Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Fresh Perspectives, New Methods’ p.53-55
Eva, M., book review: C. Strange & A. Bashford, ‘Griffith Taylor: Visionary, Environmentalist, Explorer’ p.56-58

  The Globe #65: (2010)

  King, Robert, J. Puerto Del Pendulo, Doubtful Sound: The Malaspina Expedition’s Visit to New Zealand in Quest of the True Figure of the Earth pp.1-18

Manning, John, The 1939 Australian Map of Antarctica pp.19-27

Sheldrick, Janis, 1855-1856: George Goyder’s Long Ride to Mapping Reliable Rainfall pp.28-40

Whyte, B., Notes and Observations: The First Modern Upside-down Map of the World? Pp.41-42

 Whyte, B., book review: N. Robinson. World Rail Atlas and Historical Summary: vol.8, The Middle East and Caucasus. pp.43-44 

Middlekauff, B., book review: J. Robson. Captain Cook’s War and Peace: the Royal Navy Years, 1755-1768. pp.44-45

Michev, B., book review: P. Gallager (trans.). Russian Military Mapping: A Guide to Using the Most Comprehensive Source of Global Geospatial Intelligence. p.46

Suh, J., book review: P. Forêt & A. Kaplony (eds). The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road. p.47

Hessler, J., book review: J.R. Ackermann (ed.). The Imperial Map: Cartography and the Mastery of Empire. p.48

Forbes, V.L., book review: R. Shirley. Courtiers and Cannibals, Angels and Amazons: The Art of the Decorative Cartographic Titlepage. pp.49-50.

Cartwright, W., book review: D. Wood & J. Fels. The Natures of Maps: Cartographic Constructions of the Natural World. pp.51-54.

Richardson W.A.R., book review: E. Amarante & R. Daehnhardt, G. Collingridge, & R.H. Major. Segredos da descoberta da Austrália pelos portugueses. pp.54.55.

Wearing, A., book review: M. Edmond. Zone of the Marvellous: In Search of the Antipodes. pp.55-56.

Prescott, V., book review: M. Monmonier. No Dig, No Fly, No Go: How Maps Restrict And Control. pp.56-58.

 The Globe #66: (2010)

  Eliason, Andrew, Place-Name Evidence for Eastern Sumatra in Western Java La Grande pp.1-26.

Eccleston, Gregory C., The Neglect of Baudin’s Manuscript Charts of the Victorian Coastline pp.27-58.

 The Globe #67 (2011)

Bannon, J.C., Highly Favoured By Nature: Mirageous South Australia pp.1-8

Benoy, Mac, The Birth of a Familiar, Everyday Map pp.9-22 (on Sir Charles Todd’s early weather maps)

Whyte, B., A Beginner’s Guide to Mapping a Third World City: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand pp.23-52

 Robinson, N., response to book review: N. Robinson. World Rail Atlas and Historical Summary: vol.8, The Middle East and Caucasus. p.53

Whyte, B., book review: N. Robinson. World Rail Atlas and Historical Summary: vol.7, North, East and Central Africa. pp.54-55

Wearing, A., book review: T.J. Bassett & A. Winter-Nelson. The Atlas of World Hunger. pp.55-56

Prescott, D., Prescott, V. & Gelber, H., book review: M. Richardson. The West and the Map of the World: a reappraisal of the past. pp.56-58

 The Globe #68: (2011)

 Cameron Ash, Margaret,French Mischief: A Foxy Map of New Holland pp.1-14

Procter, Peter, Mount Stromlo, ACT, Australia: The Origin of the Place-Name pp.15-19

Robbins, Larry, James Cook – SNLR, pp.20-36

Whyte, Brendan, Using Excel to Map Boundaries: A New Example pp.37-43

  Obituary: Phillip Lionel Barton, pp.44-46

Obituary: Kenneth Brailey Cumberland pp.47-49

  Robinson, N., author’s reply to book review, N. Robinson. World Rail Atlas and Historical Summary: vol.7, North, East and Central Africa, pp.50-51

Scurfield, J., book review, M. Parker. Map Addict: A Tale of Obsession, Fudge and the Ordnance Survey, pp.51.52

King, R.J., book review, C. Van Duzer. Johann Schöner’s Globe of 1515: Transcription and Study, pp.52-54

Ross, M., book review, A. Hiatt. Terra Incognita: Mapping the Antipodes before 1600, pp.54-55

Wyss, M. von, book review, K. Börner. The Atlas of Science: Visualising What We Know, pp.55-57

Stewart, S., book review, P. Nelson & L. Alves. Lands Guide: A Guide to Finding Records of Crown Land at Public Record Office Victoria, pp.57-58

  The Globe #69 (2011)

  Douglas, Bronwen, Geography, Raciology, and the Naming of Oceania, pp.1-28

Tent, Jan & Geraghty, Paul, Ulimaroa Unveiled?, pp.29-40

Mawer, Allen, Incognita: The Incredible Shrinking Continent, pp.41-50

  Australia or Austrialia? A Correction p.51

  Robbins, L., book review, J. Lockett, Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada: The Adventurer and Map Maker’s Formative Years, pp.52-53

Forbes, V., book review, I. Burnet, Spice Islands, pp.53-55

Hadden, R.L., book review, Y. Smirnova (ed.), Terrain Analysis of Afghanistan, pp.56-57

Yanofsky, D., book review, G. Jupp (ed.), NZMS 260 and 262: Our Metric Cartographic Heritage, pp.57-58

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