By: Anti Aging  06-Dec-2011

The Jade Device and Derma Ray are now sold as one machine. Facial toning massage device, rife machine, microcurrent and light, color, harmonic sound gem piece of equipment in one invented by Dr. Charles McWilliams.: High frequency energy light emitting device or cold laser device for lymphatic drainage and skin renewal, invented by Dr. Charles McWilliams.
$7,000 USD
+ S&H $112

1/2 Gallon Jade AcuLift Cream for face lift $350
Aloe base rejuevenation cream to rehydrate dry, wrinkled facial skin. Used in the Jade Esthetics Face Lift.
1/2 Gallan Dragon Balm for Lymphatic Drainage $350
Penetrating Hot Deep heating topical balm with Camphora for use over areas of poor circulation, cellulite accumulation, and over sore and tired muscles. Avoid eye area.
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