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"During the 13 yrs I have owned my horse, E'Zee, I have purchased 10 different saddles trying to find one that did not hurt him.. it was getting to be very dangerous trying to saddle him while he was trying to bite and/or kick me.

But then I purchased the Ansür. WOW!!! What a difference! Now he is ready to start working immediately! Now he is also willingly doing anything asked of him including counter canter."


Here is an update from Jenna, after using the Ansür for over three years:

For the next thirteen years, I owned & tried 10 different saddles, both english & western, on him, but they all hurt his back. I even bought the trees for 2 english & 1 western saddle & built these saddles for him, but they still hurt him.

He was getting so nasty when it came to saddling/girthing him up that it was dangerous to be in the area (you had to dodge his teeth as well keep him from stepping on you if he did not nail you with a hind leg first while he was cross tied!). Then in Jan 2000, I saw the ad for the treeless Ansür! My reaction was 'Yeah, Sure!' 'Like this is not just another gimmick!!' But I was desperate so I went to the website & studied the information. I called & talked to Carole. Finally I took apart the Ortho-Flex Patriot that he hated the most & used the seat, some Velcro, a saddle pad & surcingle to fashion a 'treeless saddle' with stirrups & tried it on my horse & 2 other Arabs that I was boarding. One of my boarders & I tried this 'thing' at night, in my arena (outdoor) for a period of about 2 weeks during Feb. 2000 on the 3 different Arabs. All 3 seemed happier with this 'thing' on their back than a treed saddle. End of Feb, I called Carole & purchased a 'Safari'. (I was still of the belief that a saddle should not rest on a horse's withers so I would only consider the Safari.) Tried the saddle out for about a week. One day it was warm enough that I did not have all my winter 'padding' on & I discovered that the small saddle felt too big. But I was so impressed that when I talked to Carole again, I ordered a petit Classic. It arrived in March 2000 & it is everything Carole said it was! My horse loves the Ansür. The one boarder that had experimented with the 'thing' on the horses with me, used my Ansür for a year until he could afford his own Ansür. Both Arabs are doing great with their Ansürs! No more dodging feet & teeth while trying to saddle up & their gaits and attitudes have improved tremendously. They are both much 'calmer' now, do not shy as much nor are they as tense when riding them as they were when we used a treed saddle. E'Zee will do a counter canter, leg yields, half passes now without bucking & pinning his ears & fighting you every step!!! His withers can be touched any time now & there are no sore spots on his back.

One other thing my boarder & I discovered about using the Ansür versus a treed saddle is that neither one of us is sore after riding in the Ansür even after not riding for 4 months. Both of us work & some times due to our work schedules, the weather or other demands we can not ride as often or regularly as we would like. In the past when we used a treed saddle, we would have been sore, stiff & walking 'funny' after riding if we had not ridden for several days, much less weeks or even months!!!!

And my back/hips no longer hurt while riding & especially no more pain for several days after riding. I am over 50 years young & my boarder is not very far behind me.

I know I will never put another 'treed' saddle on E'Zee & will probably never use anything but the Ansür on any horse from now on.

I still have the western saddle I built for E'Zee. It has not been on him for at least 7 years. It just sits on the saddle rack in my basement.

I did ride a friend's part Arab last May with her Wintec. I felt like I was about 3 stories above him & could not feel his back, could not keep him on the bit/collected. We were practicing for a demonstration we were presenting to the public the next day & I had forgotten to bring my Ansür since I was using it in a clinic at 7am the next morning. My horse hated the arenas where the presentation was to be held so I was going to ride one of her horses. Well after fighting him for 45 minutes, I decided to bring E'Zee to the presentation & see how he would react during the practice time we had the next morning. After I reassured E'Zee that it was safe there, I mounted & rode him around the arena during the practice & he settled down, listened to me & was better than any of the other horses & Arabs there. So I decided to use him in the performance. (He loves PayDay candy bars so I told him he would get 2 of them if he behaved!) Well I think he knew what I said cause he did beautiful half passes, leg yields, shoulders in, haunches in (all at a canter or trot), picked up the correct leads when asked, stayed in a very collected canter, did a beautiful extended trot & all this while extremely light on the bit. Needless to say he got 3 PayDays, homemade horse cookies, lots of hugs & turned out into his pasture when we got home. I was so proud of him. I know that if I had of been riding in a treed saddle, he would have fought me every step, bucked, pinned his ears, snapped his teeth at me & someone would have probably gotten hurt, maybe it would have been me.

Sorry, I know this is quite long, but as you can tell I am very much in love with the Ansür. I grew up riding bareback in the mountains & only used a saddle on my mare when our drill team performed at Rodeos, gymkanas, state and county fairs & parades across the state of Colorado. As I look back now, I am sure that the saddle I had then hurt my mare, but I did not know any better. Makes me wonder what she would of been like with the Ansür!!! She was great bareback!!!"

Keywords: Horse, Saddle