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By: Anne Field  06-Dec-2011

Hi All,

I am still setting up the studio at home. It will be much smaller so I have had to have a grand clean out first. My 24in, 8 shaft  Schacht Baby Wolf loom is up and running. Schacht were very generous and also gave me their new Sidekick spinning wheel, which is a beauty. I am the envy of other spinners at our spinning days now.  I have woven three projects for the new weaving book on the loom already.

The other loom will be the 30in, 24 shaft computer-assisted AVL which I am waiting on. And I am getting one of Walt Turpening’s seats to go with it. I sat on one at a conference and was hooked.

I do miss the contacts I had in the Arts Centre studio and welcome visitors to my new studio at home, just contact me first to make an appointment.

The insurance paid out replacement costs for most of the equipment I lost in the earthquake, and for the stuff that is still in the the damaged studio. The building is too dangerous to enter, so my looms, warping mill, shelving  etc are still there. Luckily, in May,  I did get out my yarns and weaving (some damaged by insects and damp), and my books (which were undamaged). It will be years and millions of dollars before the Arts Centre is restored, and much of the centre of the city is still cordoned off. It is odd driving around and because so many buildings are down, I lose my sense of direction. There are now bus tours through the cordoned off areas, but you get lots of instructions what to do in the event of an earthquake and cannot leave the bus. We had a 5.5 quake about 6 weeks ago, so there are still big ones coming through.

We had our Christchurch guild AGM yesterday and I am back on the committee, I think this is my 4th time. We have no permanent rooms yet, so are meeting in various church halls still, Space is so hard to find, with so many lost and damaged buildings. All our guild belongings are still in the Arts Centre rooms, but it is amazing how we have come through. And the support we have received is amazing.


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Our house has lots of mainly cosmetic damage, but every room has to be repaired and painted, the outside also has to repaired and painted, our tile floors have to be replaced, and we are not sure about the lift, it may need the inside walls replaced. I write up each project, then weave it, then have to go back and re-write the instructions as it is amazing how much needs changing when I actually put the shuttle to the loom.