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By: Anne Field  06-Dec-2011

Hi all,

Earthquake up date: On Sunday I went on  the bus tour that took us through the cordoned -off part of the central city. We were all told what to do in the event of an earthquake happening while we were on the bus, and a Red Cross nurse was with us. It was very quiet ride, as seeing the city destruction is sobering. I have seen it all on TV, of course, but it is not the same as seeing it with my own eyes. So many buildings have gone, or are in the process of being demolished that it makes the task of re building seem so immense. The Cathedral  was the most upsetting, it looks so damaged.

To bring it closer to home, two houses next door to us, one over the road, and one three doors down, all have to be demolished so I realise how lucky we are. Our house has lots of mainly cosmetic damage, but every room has to be repaired and painted, the outside also has to repaired and painted, our tile floors have to be replaced, and we are not sure about the lift, it may need the inside walls replaced.  We will have to move out while all this is done, but I guess it won’t be for months. So many people are worse off than us. 6000 houses have to go, and there are more to come.  We haven’t had an earthquake over 3.0 for about 6 weeks so are keeping our fingers crossed.

Current book: I am nearly halfway through writing the current book, ‘Learn to Weave With Anne Field’. It is a project-based way to learn, starting with general information on looms and warping and threading the loom, and then projects from simple to more complex. It will mainly be for 4 shaft, floor and table looms but there will be a couple of 8 shaft projects too. I write up each project, then weave it, then have to go back and re-write the instructions as it is amazing how much needs changing when I actually put the shuttle to the loom. I am using my Schacht Baby Wolf loom. My AVL is being shipped this week so I hope to have it for Christmas. What a present!!!  At the moment I am surrounded by boxes of yarn, as I can’t put up shelves until I get the loom installed. I will put up some photos (before and after) when the studio is up and running properly.

There is still more to add to this web site, a gallery of my weaving will be on soon.


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There are now bus tours through the cordoned off areas, but you get lots of instructions what to do in the event of an earthquake and cannot leave the bus. The insurance paid out replacement costs for most of the equipment I lost in the earthquake, and for the stuff that is still in the the damaged studio.