By: Anna-michele Hantler  05-Apr-2012
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We will be producing a newsletter each term and this will be sent out to you once you have signed up to our mailing list.

Sign up below - be in it to win a place on a course near you.

Once a term we will draw a name from the recently added names and they will have the opportunity to win either a completely free place on a course or the offer of uptake at a heavily discounted rate.

We will be looking for contributions for the newsletter, to share and disseminate good practice, lighten our day with little gems that children offer us, and decipher new government policy or initiatives that impact on our work.

We would also like to bring an international flavour by sharing good practice between countries, especially Anna- Michele's home country, New Zealand and the UK. So please do send in any contributions that you might have of your work around Emotional Education through the Arts and especially being able to put into action top tips and handy hints gleaned on one of our courses. Hey presto - it works!

Any examples of your own creativity and the children's, adaption's, mistakes and rescue strategies! Below are some of the categories we will feature:

  • Little gems: Fantastic ideas , sightings , activities, kind gestures, examples of good practice
  • Out of the mouths of babes: What have you overhead or being asked/told that made you smile, wince or blush?!
  • In a nut shell: Translate a government policy, attainment target, framework into 3 bullet points
  • Golden moments: What have you done for yourself to keep breathing, and exemplify that wonderful 'emotionally calming' presence? Let’s live vicariously at least!
  • Thought bubble: Questions, ponderings, does anyone know how to..where to find..
  • A song of praise: Tell us what you or who are pleased with.. including you!
  • Up and coming: A course near you..
  • Across the waters: Good practice from further afield
  • Google It: Great websites you'd recommend
  • The money talks: Where to access funding for courses or implementing 'emotional education', massage in schools etc.
  • If you are going to read one thing: Recommended reading - this can be fact or fiction- something that moved you or a great academic work that is actually accessible.

Please note, the Editor retains the right to change any submitted work. All photos must have parental permission to be used on the web. Identities are confined to name of school or setting only, and again, only with your permission. Age and gender appreciated.

Keywords: Schools

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