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By: Anissentials  05-Apr-2012
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Clean your animal or facility twice as well in half the time!

Clean your animal the easy, portable, mess—free way without using huge volumes of water—up to 90% water savings! Anivac's patented wand deep cleans from the skin up, removing dirt, hair, and other debris, leaving a clean glossy coat. Anivac's Bathing Systems have been taking the world by storm over the last 4 years due the fact that they have revolutionised Animal and Facility Cleaning. Anivac Systems clean from the skin up instead of the traditional "top down" method and then vacuum away all of the excess water, dirt, hair and other debris to leave the animal "towel dry". They will make winter bathing of your Animals safer and warmer—for you and the animal and the Groomer stays dry! Anivac is Ideal for:

  • Horse Owners
  • Dog Owners
  • Commercial Stables / Sales Facilities
  • Commercial Kennels
  • Commercial Catteries
  • Veterinarians
  • Cattle Owners

For a few days the fragrance of the shampoo masked the problem but after that it was back to square one! Dave determined that is was the dense nature of the coat that was preventing him from working the shampoo down to the skin to get at the root cause of the problem. After much thought he came up with the idea of creating comb like wash nozzles that would penetrate down to the skin where the dirt was, and then spray the shampoo solution onto the skin. He then realised that if he combined the comb nozzles with a vacuum he could remove all of the dirt, dead hair and debris from the skin and the coat, and substantially reduce not only the mess associated with traditional bathing but the amount of water used to clean the animal. The first prototype made in 1995 has evolved into the Range of Systems that we have today.

Our technology is a completely different way of looking at the issue of dirt on an animal, and how to get that dirt out. Traditional methods of cleaning animals involve vigorously shampooing from the top to get at the dirt resting on the skin. In fact, most of the dirt is resting on the skin—so why do we try to get at it from the top? Our patented design overcomes the natural resistance of animal hair to penetration by moisture by utilising nozzles that probe into the coat and onto the skin, after which the pressurised cleansing solution is sprayed. The spray action washes the skin of the animal first, pushing the dirt up and into the vacuum force of the wand, and then washes the animals coat as the solution is being vacuumed up the wand.

The massaging action of our process not only flushes the dirt off the animals skin, but also massages the hair follicles and stimulates the release of fresh oils that protect the hair. Once these oils come out there will no longer be dirt blocking the path of the oils, so that they can travel the length of the hair and improve the finish and performance of the coat. In addition to the highly effective cleaning benefits of our systems, the vacuuming action pulls the majority of the water from the coat, thus leaving the animal only damp to the touch. This substantially speeds up drying times and leaves the work area virtually dry! The fast drying also means that you can safely bathe your animal in the winter using only common sense precautions.

Animal/Cattle/Canine/Equine Applications
Compared to traditional Bathing practices our systems provide;

  • Deep Cleaning—Out Patented wash nozzles penetrate the hair and rest against the skin where they wash the skin first—where most of the dirt is. This skin up cleaning helps ensure that you get all of the dirt out of your animals coat.
  • A Drastic Reduction in Mess—Since our tool immediately removes the majority of the water before it has a chance to fall away from the animal, the process is virtually mess free…. And the groom stays dry!
  • Environmental Benefits, by Drastically reducing Water Consumption—An average sized animal can be cleaned with approximately 2 gallons of water. Compare this to a running hose that puts out an average of 5 gallons of water a minute and you'll realise how much water you will save. Saving up to 90% on water usage not only reduces the mess but greatly reduces the load on wells, rain water tanks and septic systems.
  • Safe Winter Bathing—Due to the small amount of water used and the immediate removal of the majority of it from the animals coat, with only common sense precautions, you can significantly extend your bathing season.
  • Portability—Two of our models are completely portable, making it easy for you to take one to shows or other events. Having one of these means no more waiting in wash bays and standing in mud—your animal can be twice as Clean in Half the time—and you stay dry!
  • A Reduction in Skin Conditions—Dirt on your animals skin is the breeding ground for many skin problems, such as fungal infections like rain scald, ring worm, mud fever and so on. Being able to keep your animals coat clean all year round, right down to the skin, will help prevent these bacterial and fungal conditions from taking hold.
  • Improved Winter Protection from Cold—An animals hair insulates by trapping air between the shafts of hair. The more dirt that is in the animals coat, the less air the coat can trap which can reduce the insulating value. Keeping your animals coat clean all year round helps keep them warm and cosy.
  • Comfort—For both animal (to which the process is much like a back rub) and the groom (who stays virtually dry), our system turns an arduous task into a much more enjoyable one.
  • Stain Removal—Finally, an answer to the removal of manure, grass and urine stains from light coloured animals! Our system can easily and quickly remove fresh stains from the coats of light coloured animals. Having one of our systems to hand makes it easy to simply reach for the Anivac wand when you see that ugly stain.
  • Fast and Effective Spring Cleaning—The vacuum effect in combination with the pressurised introduction of water onto the base of the coat, works to pull loose hair up to the surface, helping to quickly remove dead winter hair.

We recommend that Pure Oxygen Shampoo is used with the Anivac Systems to deliver the best results on your Animals.

Learn about the many ways you can use Anivac to clean your Facility, Cages, Runs, Pens, Animals, Floors, Screens, Carpets and Upholstery — the easy, mess free, portable way

  • Pre Surgery Cleansing—Attempting to clean up animals that have been hit by a car or have suffered other substantial injuries poses difficulties. Bathing an animal that requires surgery using traditional methods exposes wound sites to infection and further injury. Using any one of Anivac's patented systems you can clean the animal, including directly around open wound sites, in a manner that greatly reduces the potential of exposing the site to water, and does it in a manner that is fast, efficient and much kinder to the animal.
  • Equine and Other Mobile Practitioners—Cleansing an animal in a non operatory environment can be difficult, time consuming and traumatic to the animal. The easy portability of Anivac's patented systems allows cleansing to be done in a manner that is clean and efficient, making the process easier for the practitioner and safer and kinder for the animal.
  • Post Surgery—Using the Anivac System you will be able to effect proper cleansing of the area around the surgical site without great risk of wetting the incision area. Being able to clean an animal in this way substantially reduces the traditional issues of odour and exposure to infection associated with having to leave an animal un-bathed. Daily cleansing after the surgery can also be done quickly and effectively.
  • No More Mop and Bucket!—Adding a Floor Kit to your Anivac System means that you can throw away the Mop and Bucket and clean virtually any type of floor. The floor kit delivers fresh solution every time, and vacuums away the dirt, debris and excess water. The standard nozzles with the brush attachment can be used to clean pens, cages, benches and tables, also delivering fresh solution every time and removing the waste.

We recommend that Pure Oxygen Shampoo is used with the Anivac Systems to deliver the best results on your Animals. We recommend that Accel Concentrate is used with the Anivac Systems to deliver the best results on your Floors, Cages Pens, Benches and Tables.

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Clean your Animal, Stables, Kennels, Vet Clinic, Cattery, Horse Truck, Float or Animal Trailer twice as well in half the time. The Pure Oxygen range of washes and Shampoo's will wash away bacteria, dirt, fungal conditions and odours, even skunk. Anivac's patented comb like wands deep clean from the skin up, removing dirt, debris and loose hair. It's easy, It's portable, It's mess free, fresh solution every time, save "gallons" of water.