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By: Animal Homeopath  05-Apr-2012

Over-the-counter remedies

Over the counter remedies, BioPet, Natural Pet, Schuesler Salts - will generally help those minor animal issues. These items can be purchased online or instore at Woofles.

Acute Consult

Consultation for Acute issues, such as stomach bugs and help with healing of bites, abscesses and wounds.

Full Consultation

Full individual homeopathic consultation to review on-going health issues and provide a remedy that is specific to your animal.

Online or Phone Consultation

Online and phone consults are also available.

Other products and services from Animal Homeopath


Animal Homeopath : Homeopathic Remedies and Products - Products

BioPet Dental promotes oral health and fresh breath with its formulation comprising carefully selected homoepathic remedies that are used to soften tarter and support gum health. BioPet Urinary Tract is a compound homeopathic remedy designed specifically to support and promote normal urinary tract function. Given orally via the water bowl, BioPet Fleas can be given right through the summer with no risk of toxicity or side effects.


Animal Homeopath : Homeopathic Remedies and Products

A homeopahtic and herbal blend to support the normal immune response with sneezing, sinus congestion and discharge, ulceration of nose/mouth and eyes. A homeopathic and flower essence blend to assist with pregnant animals flea internal parasite complaints and worms. A homeopathic and herbal blend to assist with allergies to flea bites, flea allergy or flea allergic dermatitis.